Some Gboard users are reporting that the keyboard is disappearing whenever the device receives a notification.

The issue initially manifested on Google Pixel devices using Gboard App. Which became evident following the Google Pixel update in June 2023.

Gboard keyboard disappearing

This just started happening and it’s driving me crazy. I’ll be writing a text in Chats or messages when a notification comes up. The keyboard hides until the notification bubble disappears or I dismiss it, then it comes back up. I’ve looked through Settings > Notifications and couldn’t find anything obvious to turn this off. Bubbles are off, if that’s related. Version 13. Default Gboard keyboard. Any advice? (Source)

Since a few week, I noticed that the keyboard (Gboard) will just disappear when receiving a notification, and will not reaper until the notification is present on the screen. Does anybody have this issue? Device: 4a5g, July update. (Source)

Taking the reports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) into account, the issue seems to only be persistent among devices using the Gboard application.

At first, it was believed that the issue affected only Google Pixel devices.

But recent reports (1, 2, 3) have revealed that the problem could also be seen in smartphones from Samsung, Nothing, and other brands.

So far Nothing OS 2.0.2 has probably been the buggiest my Nothing Phone has ever been (2 or 1). Sometimes my keyboard disappears when receiving notifications, sometimes my flashlight and calculator widget stops functioning, sometimes my camera doesn’t open in-app, etc. (Source)

Users have also pointed out another interesting connection. According to a report, the issue is allegedly only occurring on Android versions 12, 13, and 14.

How to fix Gboard Keyboard disappearing on receiving notification bug?

While there haven’t been any official statements regarding the issue, some users have shared potential workarounds that could offer a fix.

According to a user on the Google Support forum, removing the updates from Gboard and reinstalling them again from the PlayStore could present a solution to the problem.

However, if it fails, then the user suggested using the app’s ‘Help & Feedback’ menu to get official support.

On the other hand, a Reddit user offered this solution for Google Pixel owners:

-Go to Settings, then Apps, then All Apps.
-Find “Android System Intelligence”.
-Go down to Storage, and click CLEAR CACHE. I did not need to clear any data.
-Go back to your home screen. I recommend turning your screen off for a moment. The reason is that if you do it too fast, it may not -work at first.

We will keep an eye on this and update you as soon as we come across any new information.

Feature image source: Google Play page

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