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Google Chrome has recently come under heavy criticism for removing the ‘download bar’ for a new tray UI.

The company frequently introduces updates that bring new features and aesthetic changes to the browser. Obviously, this is done with the aim of enhancing the user experience.

However, in some cases, such changes may not be liked by a few users. And it seems the recent removal of the download bar hasn’t gone down well with some people.


We recently highlighted issues where users were unhappy when tabs switched from list to grid view on Android and the Google Chrome Apps page background switched from white to black.

Google Chrome gets criticized for removing ‘download bar’

And now, the latest upgrade to Google Chrome has introduced a new way of viewing file downloads. But it appears to be causing annoyance and frustration among some users (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10).

People allege that the company has relocated the download notification from its traditional place at the bottom left of the screen to the top right.

According to the claims, the old bar provided a clear view of the download progress and was more conveniently accessible for them.

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Users are finding it difficult to adjust to the new interface, and often end up downloading the same files. And those affected perceive the company’s recent decision as unneeded and unwise.

@googlechrome Hello, today my google chrome updated this downloads icon and every time I save something there’ll be icon? float up to that icon and show recently download. It’s so annoying!

A user says that they accidentally end up downloading identical files time and again. And this is, without a doubt, quite irritating.

Another asserts that it is going to take some time to get used to the new tray UI.

Changed the way of viewing file downloads in google chrome and I keep downloading everything several times because I’m not used to it yet.

Understandably, those impacted have turned to Twitter and Reddit to criticize the developers for removing Google Chrome download bar.

Steps to disable it

Fortunately, we have come across a workaround that will help you disable the new tray UI. You need to enter chrome://flags in the browser’s address bar.

After the page opens, search for the ‘New Download Bubble’ flag and disable it.

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Having said that, we’ll keep tabs on this topic and update you as and when we come across the latest developments.

Update 1 (August 08, 2023)

09:38 am (IST): Despite the fact a number of users are still requesting Google to change the location of ‘Downloads’, it’s important to note that you can still drag directly from downloads onto any file you’re working on.

Wondering where your downloads in Google Chrome have gone? They are, now, located in the upper righthand corner near your profile pic.
And, YES, you can still drag right from the downloads onto any file you are working on!

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