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With its extensive feature set, smooth performance, and robust security measures, Google Chrome has become the browser of choice for millions of people worldwide.

The browser still continues to evolve and innovate to deliver a dependable and enjoyable browsing experience for its users. However, sometimes a new app update may end up introducing new bugs and issues.

And the same appears to be the case with Google Chrome for Android.


Google Chrome ‘white screen flash (flickering) or pop-up’ bug

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple Google Chrome users are facing an issue where a white screen flash or flickering appears when searching or refreshing or reloading a page.

Without a doubt, the problem can be disruptive and unpleasant for individuals since it repeatedly interferes with their browsing experience and hinders their ability to read or interact with the content.

Users have observed that the display flickers as if taking a screenshot. And as per the claims, the issue mostly pops up when one uses Google search while signed in to their Google account.

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On the other hand, some argue that an inexplicable white flash occurs whenever they try to reload a page. Notably, this doesn’t happen when switching to the desktop website.

One of those affected says that after the search results load a small pop-up window emerges and then rapidly shuts, giving the impression that something is being downloaded in the background.

They also mention that this does not happen if they sign out, switch accounts, or utilize the desktop or incognito mode.

Hello, i have am issue when i search something in google when im signed in one specific account. So when im signed with one specific account and i’m searching for something in google the display flashes like taking a screenshot. I’m affraid that someone maybe hacked my account and taking screenshots somehow.

Another adds that the icons adjacent to their browser’s search bar intermittently flicker and get replaced by a Google Cast icon. They also assert that the flickering occurs every 5 seconds.

I don’t know when and how it started happening but every time I want to search ANYTHING, for a split second, I get a White Screen that scrolls downward after the Page is loaded.

It’s noteworthy that most of the reports regarding this problem have surfaced from Android users. However, some iPhone owners are experiencing this issue as well.

Those impacted are now requesting the developers to fix this glitch as soon as possible.

No official response

Unfortunately, Google has not officially acknowledged this issue. But we are hopeful that the Google Chrome ‘white screen flash (flickering) or pop-up’ bug on Android will be resolved soon.

Having said that, we’ll keep tabs on this topic and update you.

Update 1 (July 17, 2023)

06:35 pm (IST): Users say that this issue is still unresolved. Also, a recent update for Google Chrome on Android was released on July 12, seemingly aligning with the period when the issue started being reported.

To address this, Android users can consider removing the updates for Chrome (uninstalling the entire app may not be possible) as a potential workaround instead of manually installing the APK for the previous stable version.

Update 2 (July 18, 2023)

03:09 pm (IST): A products expert has confirmed that the Google team has released a server side update to resolve this issue.

Hey all, thanks for taking the time to help bring this to our attention. Our team has investigated these reports and determined the cause of this behavior.

A server-side update is rolling out now that addresses the underlying cause, and should resolve the behavior. You should not need to take any action to receive this server-side update. Thanks again for helping bring this to our attention! (Source)

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