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The Google Nest Hub has significantly increased in popularity among smart home gadgets due to its adaptability and functionality along with its colorful screen and clever features.

While it serves as a hub for controlling numerous connected home components, things can occasionally go awry and result in a variety of bugs and glitches.


For instance, we previously highlighted an issue with the Google Nest Hub where the Weather information went missing. Strangely enough, it even blocked some users from playing ‘self-harm’ or ‘offensive’ content on YouTube.

Google Nest Hub screen randomly dimming or switching between clock & photos

Some Google Nest Hub users are now experiencing problems with their device, including random screen dimming or frequent switching between the clock and photo display, especially at night (1,2,3).

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My Nest Hub keeps switching between photos and the clock

Hi , my Google nest hub gen 2 has all of a sudden been switching the screen on bright with time displayed 2am in the morning .

Reports indicate that the device’s screen initially appears bright but abruptly dims, which is causing inconvenience and frustration. Similarly, it oddly alternates between displaying photos and showing the clock.

Apart from this, some users have also reported that their device frequently turns on or off at odd times during the night, disturbing their sleep or creating unnecessary disruptions.

It seems that users are facing such issues after a recent update with no official fix in sight.

However, by adjusting Low light activation from Dark to Dim in the device settings of the Home app, an affected user was able to prevent it from switching between photos and clock.

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It appears that factory resetting the Hub is also helping some users. So you can also give that a try.

Hi! Tha k you for helping. I’m hoping that this fixed it, but last time it just came back so I guess I will see what she does haha. Thanks again

We hope that Google comes up with a fix soon so that users can use their Nest Hub without any issues.

We’ll keep tabs on this issue and update the article as and when something noteworthy comes up.

Update 1 (October 30, 2023)

03:05 pm (IST): Thankfully, Google’s customer support team acknowledged the issues associated with the Nest Hub’s screen, such as random dimming and unexpected on/off behavior during the night, back in August.

Google Nest support

However, despite this acknowledgment, it appears that these problems remain unresolved, persisting to trouble users even now.

Google Nest Hub screen turning on and off

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