Diablo 4 'dedicated gem bag or tab' required by players; gems lacking real value for some

Diablo 4, the latest installment in the popular Diablo series by Blizzard Entertainment has turned out to be quite impressive for gamers en masse.

But this surely has come at a cost of various bugs and issues right from its inception. To highlight a few, gamers found problems like the “Error Code 300202 and 30008” message and crashing on PC to be quite aggravating.

Diablo 4 players demand ‘dedicated gem bag or tab’

A number of Diablo 4 players have now taken to Reddit to ask the developers for a dedicated gem bag or tab (1,2,3,4,5,6). It seems that this request comes after grappling with the inventory issue that is almost always full.

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No reason why gems all have to be kept in inventory when other games like Last Epoch have a button to automatically transfer all gems into your characters stash. Or atleast have a gem bag or something.

Like I said, greatly enjoying the game, but I feel like we are missing some core features. Gem bag, I’ve stopped picking up anything less than flawless and it still overwhelms my inventory space fairly quickly.

Apart from the inventory being full, players think a separate gem bag will free up a lot of space. According to reports, it will also make the inventory less cluttered which it currently is.

Players feel that it’s absurd that gems don’t have their own separate tab but items like potions and sigils share a consumable tab.They are now asking the developers to put gems and potions in their own bag instead of sigils/potions.

The impact of not having such bag or tab is that players end up picking certain gems accidently (1,2). Some even recommend the team to allow them to salvage them for useful resources, and then sell them for a fair price.

This is, quite literally, my only gripe with the game. They should add the tab or let you salvage them for useful materials \ sell them for a decent amount (not the 4 or 5 gold they give you).

This might not seem significant to others but they are some players who feel that beyond a certain level, gems lose their usefulness and worth, and that they even yield little gold when sold.

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look my flawless diamond, 12 coins? wtf make at least 12k thats to dumb
gems are so useless to pick it up that even vendors find it discusting

One of the players even confirmed that the gem drop rates are extremely high, given that they can’t even upgrade much.

No word in sight

Unfortunately, the developers haven’t commented on the matter where Diablo 4 players are asking for a dedicated gem bag or tab. They have also not responded to the reports asking them to add some value to the gems.

But we are hopeful that the team will surely look into it and come up with a potential resolution.

Till then, we’ll keep an eye out for the latest information and update this article accordingly.

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