Twitch Turbo is a monthly subscription that removes ads from streams and gives users a number of other benefits, such as custom emotes and longer VOD storage.

The cost of Twitch Turbo has gone up in the United States and other countries. Price jump from $8.99 to $11.99 per month represents a significant increase, especially for those who have been loyal subscribers for years.

The situation is even worse for UK users, as Twitch Turbo was previously only available in USD. With the price adjustment, UK users are now required to pay £11.99, equivalent to approximately $14.78.

Twitch Turbo price rise

Understandably, this sharp increase in subscription fees has left several users frustrated and questioning the value they receive for their money (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9).

Twitch Turbo
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One of the primary concerns voiced by users is the lack of additional features or improvements accompanying the price increase.

Subscribers were caught off guard by the sudden announcement, with no indication of any enhanced benefits or added value that would justify the higher cost.

This has led to a backlash from the Twitch community, as individuals express their disappointment and dissatisfaction with the platform’s decision.

So Twitch RAISED the price for turbo by about 30% to cost more than two tier 1 subscriptions because “economy”? Despite feedback to lower it because it was more than netflix? Meanwhile they also enforce harsher sub revenue splits on creators?

I know @Twitch doesn’t care, but I’m canceling my Turbo with the price increase. It’s not worth $12 per month.

Some disgruntled subscribers have threatened to unsubscribe from Twitch Turbo altogether, seeking alternative methods such as ad-blockers to remove ads from their viewing experience (1,2,3).

While this may seem like a logical response, it has potential consequences for both streamers and the Twitch ecosystem as a whole.

Twitch adblocker

Twitch Turbo also plays a crucial role in supporting smaller streamers as the absence of ads encourages users to venture beyond their favorite streamers and engage with emerging talent.

However, if users decide to cancel their Twitch Turbo subscription, they will be subjected to ads during streams.

Consequently, this shift in user behavior might result in smaller streamers receiving less exposure and support, adversely affecting their growth and visibility on the platform.

Twitch turbo? I’m not surprised that twitch wants to continue hurting small streamers

Viewers were getting tired of the number of ads that they get. So Twitch Turbo was a no brainer for them but, this price rise is pushing them away from it.

To maintain a strong and loyal user base, Twitch must take user concerns seriously and work towards finding a solution that addresses their grievances and ensures a fair balance between user satisfaction and platform growth.

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