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Spotify is one of the largest audio streaming services with millions of active users and paid subscribers.

Even though many listeners across the globe enjoy the service when streaming songs, podcasts, and other audio content but, the fun gets ruined by some bugs and issues.

For instance, we previously highlighted an issue where two songs repeatedly kept playing in a queue.

Spotify genre filters broken

Spotify users have been reporting (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) that their genre filters are not functioning properly or are displaying the error message ‘Filters are hiding some results’.

iPhone 11 Pro Max
Spotify App
The liked filters are only showing very little or zero songs from my library. If I press a filter it would usually show around 50-100 songs but now it shows zero or maybe 2 or 3. But I still have the same liked songs as before.

Why are my genres no longer working? I don’t have any filters selected, they were working yesterday.

Some have taken to social media to express their frustration with the issue, with some reporting that their filters are not working at all, while others are receiving an error message when attempting to use their filters.

Some users have even reported that the issue is affecting their ability to discover new music, as their filtered search results are not accurately reflecting their preferred genres.

Spotify genre

The issue appears to be affecting users across different platforms, including iOS and Android.

It appears that the problem is not only limited to genre filters since other filters such as mood and activity filters are also experiencing issues.

I was trying to use the filter by mood feature, but when I use it I get the message that a filter is hiding results. Is there a filter I acccidently enabled? If there is where can I turn it off? Thank you in advance

Official acknowledgment

The issue with Spotify genre filters is widespread and fortunately, it has been acknowledged by the developers who claim they are currently investigating the matter.

spotify genre filters

Potential workaround

Despite the widespread nature of the problem, it is not clear at this time what is causing the issue with the filters. It is possible that the problem may be related to a technical glitch or a bug in the Spotify app.

However, we have come across a workaround that might be able to address the issue. All you need is to clear the filters and search for music again.

Spotify workaround

While this may not be a long-term solution, it may be helpful for Spotify users who are experiencing problems with their filters.

There is no ETA for the solution, but we hope the developers readily help the affected ones with an ardent solution as soon as possible.

Until then, keep tabs as we will update this space as and when we come across any related developments.

Update 1 (April 21, 2023)

09:08 am (IST): According to fresh reports (1, 2), some users are still facing the issue where genre filters are broken or not working for them. Unfortunately, there is no official word on the fix yet.

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