[Updated] Oculus Quest battery draining quickly when in use or powered off for some (workarounds inside)

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The Oculus Quest (also known as Meta Quest) is among the most popular VR (Virtual Reality) headsets in the industry.

One of the great advantages of the Oculus Quest headsets is the integration of all the necessary hardware in one piece. That is, you don’t need a PC to run the VR software you want (apps or games).

There are currently two Oculus/Meta Quest models available (Gen 1 and Gen 2). Meta is working on the next generation of these devices: the Meta Quest Pro.

oculus-quest-2-a (1)

While the performance of Quest products is generally solid, they are not without problems. For instance, recently many users were unable to update the device, while the charging percentage was getting stuck for others.

However, one of the most recurrent problems in these VR headsets is related to their battery life. It appears that some Oculus Quest devices experience battery draining either while in use or while powered off.

Oculus Quest battery draining very quickly while in use

According to multiple reports, the Oculus Quest battery life is way below what was promised for some users.

Normally, Oculus Quest headsets should offer at least 2 hours of gameplay, or more with light use (apps that are less resource-hungry). But the battery on these devices runs out in just an hour or thereabout.

Many of the Oculus Quest battery drain issues occur while the device is in use:


I just received my meta quest 2 , two days everythinq is fine except one thinqs, it run for about an hour after a full charge, and then , i got 15% of the battery, i thinks it is not normal.

Battery power

I mean don’t get me wrong I LOVE my quest 2 but doesn’t anyone else think for £400 it should have a half decent battery life? I mean started resident evil 4 on 100% wasn’t even on an hour 18%….it’s lame!

Battery draining while headsets are powered off too

There are also multiple cases where the Oculus Quest battery is draining while the device is turned off.


Massive Battery Drain While Off

I own two Quests, one will drain it’s entire battery when off (press and hold power button off) while my second quest will be 100% battery.

fix for the quest 2 draining battery glitch?

my quest 2 was basically fully charged and i turned it off for the night and it was suddenly drained.


It’s likely that the ‘Auto wake’ feature could be the culprit. Apparently, it always stays on even after disabling it in the system settings.


My oculus quest 2 won’t stay off.

I just got back to playing on it after taking a break for about a week so I charge it for later. I come back after about an hour and it’s turned on and on low battery I tried turning off auto wake I restarted it but nothing is working is there any way I can fix this?

Some potential workarounds

Fortunately, there are some workarounds that could help you mitigate or resolve the battery issues.

First, if your Oculus Quest battery is draining while powered off, you can try the following:


The other tip for this case is to avoid activating the ‘Sleep Mode’ while the device is charging.


For those whose Oculus Quest battery is draining while using it, it is recommended to disable the experimental 120Hz refresh option.

avoid using the experimental 120Hz refresh option because it runs down the battery a lot faster and heats up the headset.S

Also, to extend the battery life, it is recommended to use a specific cable during charging.

You can even leave the VR headset connected to the power for about half an additional hour after the ‘green light’ indicates that it is already charged.

I find it best to charge it with the Q2 charger/cable until the green light comes on, then leave it charging for about an extra 1/2 hour.

We will update this story once new relevant details on the matter emerge.

Update 1 (March 7, 2023)

04:38 pm (IST): Meta Quest support has suggested those affected to try out elite strap with battery as a potential workaround for this problem.

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