GTA Online "Stash House & G's Caches not spawning" issue reported by some players

GTA Online is the multiplayer aspect of GTA V, the hit game from Rockstar. Players can even purchase GTA Online as a separate game if they wish.

The game community is large and active, so they are quick to discover issues or report changes they don’t like. Here we’ve covered complaints about the ‘Cayo Perico Heist’ nerf, occasional outages, and more.


Now, some GTA Online players are facing an issue where the Stash Houses and & G’s Caches are not spawning where they should.

GTA Online Stash House & G’s Caches not spawning

Like other games, GTA Online offers multiple types of collectibles that allow players to unlock certain rewards by completing all of them.

The latest GTA Online DLC brought new collectibles like the Stash Houses and G’s Caches, but currently these are not spawning or appearing for multiple players.


G cache problem?

Anybody else experiencing problems with the G caches? They worked fine for the first days, but now it is a second day that they have not appeared at all! I tried switching sessions to both public and private and resetting ps4 and game cache. Nothing works.

Anyone else having problems with G’s cache, and the stash house not spawning?

It’s annoying me, been happening the past 2 days

It seems that the issue affects in different ways, as there are cases where only the Stash Houses are not spawning, while in other cases the G’s Caches are not spawning, and even for some both collectibles are not appearing.

To make things easier for you, the following video shows how you can find the G’s Caches:

Also, there is a potential workaround if the Stash Houses are not spawning for you:

was able fix the dealers and stash house by my clearing my consoles cache, still no Gs

There is still no official word on this issue from the Rockstar team. We will update this story as events unfold.

Featured Image: PlayStation

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