GTA Online 'Cayo Perico Heist' nerf leaves many players disappointed, demand Rockstar Games to revert the change

If you are a fan of GTA Online and have been playing it for a while, then you must have heard of Cayo Perico Heist. It is the game’s largest and most ambitious adventure that can make you millions in just a short period of time.

You can either complete this heist playing solo or with up to three other players. This mission is set on a faraway island called Cayo Perico which belongs to El Rubio.

According to the storyline, the Madrazo crime family is having some dispute with El Rubio and they want someone experienced to raid his near-impenetrable fortress.


GTA Online players were having a good time initiating the heist on El Rubio’s island until Rockstar Games released ‘The Criminal Enterprises’ update that brought some changes to this mission.

GTA Online players disappointed with ‘Cayo Perico Heist’ nerf

The update nerfed Cayo Perico Heist by increasing the cooldown time after a successful heist and diminishing returns on primary targets.

And it seems that the players aren’t quite happy with this new change. Many are furious and have taken to social media platforms demanding Rockstar Games to revert this change (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

Here are some reports for reference:


@Rockstar I like the update so far, but the nerf on Cayo Perico is extremely annoying. Having to wait almost a whole hour is a bit much, especially with how important Cayo is. Tbh. I plan on making a video about the update, so y’all can watch at my YT channel, PhatPotatoe. (Source)

The update is ok it was disappointing how they decided to nerf the cayo Perico heist they had no real reason to do it so I did like how they needed the oppressor MK2 missiles but I found it annoying how they also changed how long you have to wait to use the countermeasures (Source)

Although many players are not comfortable with the nerf, it was apparently required for some reasons. Here’s a brief explanation for this change:


Unfortunately, there is no statement from Rockstar Games on this matter yet. But we hope the issue gets acknowledged and addressed accordingly.

That said, we will keep an eye on the latest developments and inform you as and when anything noteworthy comes up. Until then, stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

Featured image source – Rockstar Games

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