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Developed by Iron Galaxy and published by Epic Games, Rumbleverse is a free-to-play game in the incredibly popular and competitive battle royale genre.

However, a recent announcement made by its developers has disappointed the player base.

Unfortunately, Rumbleverse will be completely shutting down its servers and other operations on February 28, 2023. Those who enjoy the game will no longer be able to continue playing it and will lose all of their purchased items.


It’s interesting to note that Apex Legends Mobile developers announced their game’s shutdown on the same day as Rumbleverse. But both games’ approaches toward refunds is the polar opposite.

Will Rumbleverse provide refunds?

Players who have spent their hard-earned money on Rumbleverse (and Apex Legends Mobile) are now curious if they’ll receive refunds or other forms of compensation for their loss.

While EA (publishers of Apex Legends Mobile) made it clear that players will not receive any refunds for their in-game purchases, Rumbleverse has taken a more respectable approach.

The team confirmed that anyone who has made any purchase in the game since its launch will be eligible for a refund. This includes the Rumbleverse Battle Pass or Brawlla Bills purchases made on all supported platforms.

Any player who has spent money on Rumbleverse is eligible for a refund of money spent on or in the game. This includes the purchase of a Rumbleverse Battle Pass or Brawlla Bills on any platform.

It’s worth noting that according to the Epic Games Store refund policy, they do not allow refunds for virtual currency purchases or other items that may be marked as ‘non-refundable’.

So, it’s unclear if Rumbleverse players will be getting refunds for the money spent on cosmetics or other consumable items. They also haven’t provided much information about how players can claim those refunds.

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But the devs have assured players that they’ll provide further information through their FAQ page. When they do, we’ll make sure to update this article to reflect the latest information.

Apart from the refunds, they’ve confirmed that everyone will receive the current Battle Pass for free and get double XP gains in the final weeks of the game. Modes like Quads, Trios, Duos, and Solos will all be live as well.

The current Battle Pass will be granted to everyone. Your XP gains will be doubled so you can fast-track unlocks for every rank. Quads, Trios, Duos, and Solos will be live and we’ve unlocked additional accessories and emotes in the game for free as well.

They’ll also allow players to access additional accessories and emotes for free. While it’s not great to see a game going down, it’s a little relieving to see them spreading love and positivity.

Petition to save Rumbleverse

Some disheartened players have taken to websites like to start a petition to save Rumbleverse. Social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter are also filled with ‘#SaveRumbleverse’ posts (1,2,3,4).


A few are suggesting that the game should just switch to a different publisher in order to continue operations. While the game’s comeback is highly unlikely, it will be interesting to note how things unfold.

We’ll keep an eye on this topic and update the article as we receive more and more details about Rumbleverse shutting down.

Update 1 (Feb 03, 2023)

05:07 pm (IST): Another game appears to face a similar fate, as the news of Knockout City’s shutdown has hit its fanbase hard. Their servers will go offline on 6th June 2023. To know more details.

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