Pokemon Go 'freezing after Scatterbug encounter' & 'second charged attack not working in raids' issues being looked into

Pokemon Go recently received v0.261 update that added access to the Crackling Voltage event, which is already live and ends on February 5, 2023.

It will also allow you to access the upcoming Pokémon GO Tour: Hoenn from February 25, 2023.

But like any other, the game also has its fair share of bugs and issues. For instance, we recently covered an issue where Kecleon didn’t appear on the map for some players.


Now, some players are experiencing game freezes on certain occasions.

Pokemon Go freezing after Scatterbug encounter

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple players are facing an issue where the game freezes during the Scatterbug encounter.

It is also alleged that after earning a second Scatterbug medal, the game freezes or crashes as well. Others also say that after reopening the app, the Scatterbug disappears.

Even though you can forcefully quit and re-launch the game, the game progress and the Scatterbug medal will both be lost.

Some say that the issue popped up with the recent update.


@NianticHelp, second night in a row. I caught the first scatterbug no problem, but the second locks up the game and the prompt doesn’t reappear after restarting the game. Is this a known bug?

@NianticHelp twice now doing the scatterbugs after gifts, if I get “river” the game freezes and I have to close it and just lose the scatterbug. you owe me two river scatterbugs so far.

Players are unhappy as the issue spoils their gaming experience. Fortunately, Niantic has responded and stated that they are looking into similar reports.


Also, we did come across a potential workaround that can help solve the problem for some. You can try restarting the app and claiming the encounter by tapping on the medal.


However, troubles don’t end for players as they are facing another problem with the game.

Second charged attack not working in raids in Pokemon Go

Some players (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) are also experiencing an issue where the second ‘charged attack’ is not working or charging on raids.

Some also claim that during a battle and the first Pokemon goes down, the fight continues but they don’t see any Pokemon on the screen.

It is also alleged that one could only figure out that their Pokemon was changing with the help of the health bar.

Gamers also allege that even though they were able to attack other opponents with the next Pokemon, they were seemingly stuck on the first Pokemon’s move set.


@NianticHelp My second charge attack diesn’t charge up during the raids and the pokemon doesn’t seem to appear many people are getting this problems is there anyway to solve it?

@NianticHelp didn’t matter in this case but unable to charge up EQ with my mega Swampert. This happened in a T5 raid as well.

Players say that this issue popped up after the recent update as well.

Fortunately, this issue has been acknowledged as well. Although, an official ETA for the fix has not been provided.


We do hope that Niantic resolves the problems soon.

That said, we’ll keep tabs on the issues with Pokemon Go after the Scatterbug encounter and Second charged attack not working in raids and update this article as and when something noteworthy comes up.

Note: You can check out our dedicated Pokemon Go bugs, issues and new features tracker for more information.

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