Pokemon Go bug where 'Kecleon' sometimes doesn't appear on map to be fixed with v0.261 update, confirms Niantic (workarounds)

Pokemon Go is a location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. The game was released in 2016 and quickly became a global phenomenon.

In Pokemon Go, players use their smartphone’s GPS and camera to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokemon, that appear on the screen as if they were in the same real-world location as the player.


Irrespective of its popularity or fandom, there have been many instances where the game failed to meet expectations because of certain bugs and issues which are covered by our tracker solely dedicated to the game.

Pokemon Go players have recently reported issues with finding the Pokemon ‘Kecleon’ on the map.

Pokemon Go Kecleon bug

Some players have reported (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) that Kecleon does not appear for them at all, while others have reported that when they tap on a Kecleon, it disappears from the map.

Apparently you forgot to turn Kecleon on in my area. 0 an all the pokestops in my area, and that’s around 30 checked

Is kecleon not a thing in the US. Checked over 100 pokestops and nothing. #PokemonGO

Some have also reported that Kecleon despawns on their screen when they tap on it.

Pokemon Go Kecleon bug

Players have taken to social media platforms and forums to report the issue and discuss possible workarounds in order to seek help.

Potential workarounds

One workaround suggested by some players is trying to spin, block, tap, spin, and exit.

Try spinning, get blocked, tap it till it jumps off, spin now, exit and it should be there.
That’s the order I do things and it’s worked every time.

Below is also another workaround that has supposedly solved the problem for some of those affected by the bug.

Pokemon go workaround

It is worth noting that some players have also reported successfully catching Kecleon without any issues, so it is possible that all players do not experience the issue.

Official acknowledgment

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, has acknowledged and added it to their list of known issues.

Hi Alexis! We’re aware of the issue where Kecleon sometimes doesn’t appear on the map after being knocked off the PokéStop. This should be resolved in the upcoming release (0.261). Meanwhile, check out this article (http://bit.ly/3Zockx8) for more info. Hope this helps! ^KV

Niantic has stated that the issue will be addressed in the v0.261 update. Until the update is released, players experiencing issues finding Kecleon may want to try the above-mentioned workarounds.

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the Pokemon Go social media accounts and website for updates and information on known issues.

Overall, it is frustrating for players to encounter bugs in a game, but it is reassuring to know that the issue is being addressed by the developer.

Players can rest assured that Niantic is working to fix the issue and improve the overall gaming experience.

Until then, keep an eye on the story as we will update it with further developments, if any.

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