Some Twitch users report stuttering or lag while streaming after v11.0 update for Android TV

Twitch is a popular live streaming service with its main focus on live game streaming, including broadcasts of esports competitions. It also allows one to broadcast music, creative content, and much more.

However, like any popular live streaming service, Twitch also suffers from occasional bugs and issues.

For instance, we recently covered a story where a Twitch update made some UI changes which were not well received by the platform’s users.


Now, some users are said to be experiencing a large number of issues after the latest Twitch app update.

Some Twitch users report stuttering or lag while streaming

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), multiple users are facing an issue where they experience stuttering or lag while trying to watch a video.

The issue is said to have popped up after the recent v11.0 update for the app on Android TV. Instead of fixing some of the previously known problems, it is said to have introduced new bugs and issues.

According to a user on the web forum, after having the Twitch app updated to the latest version on Android TV, they were automatically logged out.

It was also observed that the app’s resolution got changed, after which everything appeared big and blurry.


Even though some tried to log in again in the hope that things would be back to normal, they were saddened to find out the opposite.

Users also complained that every stream now has a low resolution and framerate and would appear to flicker every now and then, even if set to ‘Full HD’ resolution.


That sneak update you did to GoogleTV last night absolutely ruined my ability to view a #twitch stream on my tv. Im on a Sony Bravia x900 and I can’t view shit. I’m not writing a ticket. Just fix it or revert back to the old format asap @twitchsupport @twitch

@twitch please put chat back on VODs on android TV. Update killed it and I cant watch streams while I work my job and chat is part of the experience of twitch when I watch the recordings later. Using a 2019 nvidia shield if that makes a difference.

Some also observed that the latest update had removed the ability to see the chat replay on the side, which is not ideal for them.

@Twitch @Chromecast what have you done you ruined twitch on chromecast I can’t chat no more

Someone also complained that the ‘explore’ tab now doesn’t let one sort results by channel viewer counts. Also, when one starts to watch the latest VODs, they do not appear on the main screen.

Users are requesting the developers to fix the issue as soon as possible so that they can live stream smoothly.

No official response

Unfortunately, Twitch has not yet acknowledged the issue. Also, there seems to be no potential workaround for the same as of now. It looks like users might have to wait a bit more before the problem gets resolved.

That said, we’ll keep an eye on the issues where Twitch users are facing stuttering or lag while streaming after the recent v11.0 app update on Android TV and update this article as and when something noteworthy comes up.

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