Fortnite is a popular online video game developed by Epic Games and is available on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, among others.

Fortnite typically releases updates, known as ‘drops’, on a regular basis. These drops can include new content like weapons, skins, and other gameplay modes.


The Midseason drop in particular is a significant update that occurs halfway through a season and includes significant changes.

But more often than not, the platform faces some bugs and issues like other counterparts. For instance, we recently highlighted a story where some faced issues regarding FPS drops and stuttering performance after v23.00 update.

Fortnite Midseason Drops not retroactive

Fortnite players were excited about the highly anticipated Midseason Drops, which were made available a few hours ago.

However, it appears that many players are feeling frustrated and misled by Epic Games’ implementation of the drops.

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5), players were required to raise their account levels to a certain point in order to unlock the drops.

Fortnite midseason drop
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This led many players to grind and raise their levels to 200 or higher in preparation for the Midseason Drops.

However, Epic Games decided to implement the drops in a way that required players to continue raising their levels in order to unlock each drop as it became available.

This means that the levels that players ground for before the drops were available will not count toward unlocking the drops.

Many players feel frustrated by this, arguing that those who ground and raised their levels to 200 or higher should not have to continue grinding to unlock each drop.

Why are the midseason drop challenges not retroactive? It seems heavily implied by the description that you’d unlock the styles “as they drop”

If you’re already over level 200, Mid-Season Drops shouldn’t require earning extra account levels

Affected gamers feel that the implementation should have been different and that their efforts to grind for levels should have been recognized.

The situation has caused a stir on social media and forums, with players expressing their disappointment and frustration.

Fortnite midseason drop
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It seems that Epic Games’ decision to make the Fornite Midseason Drops not retroactive for players’ account levels has left some of them feeling frustrated and upset.

What adds to the agony is that the developers haven’t addressed or acknowledged the issue as yet. It is to be seen how Epic Games responds to the backlash and if they make any changes to the drops in the future.

Having said that, we really hope that the issue captures their attention and gets resolved as soon as possible. Keep tabs on this story as we will update it with further developments.

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