Developed by Gameloft, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation-adventure video game featuring various Disney and Pixar characters. It lets gamers venture into various quests and adventures.

It was released on September 6 as early access for various platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Windows, and Xbox.

The game has players tend to a magical valley populated by characters who previously underwent a curse that caused them to lose memories of their lives in the valley.


However, some quests also exhibit various bugs and issues every now and then. For instance, we recently covered a story where gamers could not get the ‘Popsicle stick’ and ‘Pipe cleaner’ in the Woody quest.

Dreamlight Valley Stitch’s hobby quest crafting station bug

According to reports (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10), several Dreamlight Valley players are facing issues with the crafting station in Stitch’s hobby quest.

In this quest, one needs to craft and deliver a TV. Players complained that the already crafted TV was missing from their inventory. Due to this issue, the gamers were unable to complete the quest and proceed further in the game.

A recently released update for the game has reportedly caused the problem. It introduced more bugs in the game rather than fixing them.


I’m having an issue trying to fix Stitch’s TV. When I go to a crafting station the selection of items goes wonky when u try to scroll down

Still broken, the TV has gone from my storage, it tells me to meet stitch in his home but when I do it changes to give stitch his TV, then I leave his home for it to go back to saying meet stitch in his home

Even though some players on Twitter(1,2,3,4,5) have reported that the issue with the crafting station was resolved with a new update, the level 10 quest glitch remains unfixed.

Dreamlight Valley level 10 quest locked

Disney Dreamlight Valley players (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) have also been facing issues with the level 10 quest. Even though gamers have matched the quest’s requirements, it appears to be locked for most of them.

This makes it impossible for players to start it and proceed in the game. The issue seems to affect only those playing the game on Nintendo Switch. Players on other platforms are able to progress without any issue.


Hey I am stitch friendship level 10, and completed all previous Dutch quests but it won’t let me start the making music quest? Says it’s still locked?

It’s great that you fixed the crafting station issue but this in turn created an issue for me where it is not registering that Stitch is level 10 and won’t let me unlock his last quest.

Also, it has been suggested by a player on Reddit to wait until the next day after having reached level 10. After that they would be able to continue with their game like they normally would.

Official statement

Disney recently released an official statement claiming to have fixed the crafting station bug. But it must be noted that the level 10 quest bug still remains unfixed.


We hope that Disney will soon fix the bugs with the Dreamlight Valley Stitch’s hobby level 10 quest.

We’ll keep tabs on further developments on the issue and update the article as and when something noteworthy comes up.

Featured and inline image source: Disney Dreamlight Valley

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