Twitter is a micro-blogging site that presents content in a way that is filtered and safe to consume. Keeping this in mind, Twitter’s Privacy Policy empowers users to take decisions in an informed manner.

However, some things just slip through those filters while other times, privacy policies confuse that with bugs. For example, we recently highlighted how Twitter wasn’t showing sensitive content to its users.

We also saw an instance where the platform was tagging normal tweets and photos as sensitive content.

Twitter users unable to go private with their tweets

A number of users on Twitter (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) are now reporting an issue where they are unable to protect their tweets as the ‘Protect your Tweets’ settings are not saving.


@TwitterSupport why can’t i protect my tweets anymore? It makes my account vulnerable to bots that have inundated the platform in the recent weeks.

you better fix this app pls i cant change anything in settings and go private my acc @Twitter @TwitterSupport

Reports suggest that whenever users turn on the ‘Protect your Tweets’ settings, they get the ‘Some settings failed to save error’ repeatedly. This is brewing a serious concern amongst users regarding the protection of their data.

The fact that the slider keeps turning off automatically is prompting some users to even brand it as a breach of confidentiality. For reference, you can check the video attached below:

‘Translate Tweet’ button missing

It seems that the ‘Translate Tweet’ button on Twitter has also gone missing for a large chunk of users (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8).


can’t believe sims twitter is going to make me learn spanish because the translate tweet button is being temperamental trash< Source

Has anyone noticed that the translate tweet option does not show up on tweets that are in African languages? I am sure that there are others, but I have distinctly noticed that.

According to reports, the button keeps disappearing randomly and appears after some time on its own. It is obviously causing a lot of inconvenience for those who can’t understand a foreign language.

The issue is also prompting affected users to turn to Google Translate in order to understand a tweet. But clicking on the manually highlighted text to translate it is definitely a lengthier process.


No official acknowledgment

Twitter hasn’t acknowledged the issue where users are unable to protect their tweets. The team also hasn’t commented on the missing ‘Translate Tweet’ button.

Unfortunately, there is also no workaround that can help fix these issues temporarily.

We’ll keep tabs on the latest developments and update the article as and when something noteworthy comes up.

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