[Updated] Snapchat new update (3D bitmoji snapcode & TikTok-inspired UI) leaves many users calling for revert

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Snapchat is one of the most used messaging services in the United States. In fact, it is the second most used messaging app in the North American country (just below WhatsApp).

Snapchat is the app that made ‘ephemeral messaging’ a trend a few years ago. Basically, its operation is based on messages disappearing once the recipient reads them.

Just like other messaging services, Snapchat offers multiple methods to add contacts. For instance, you can search for your friends by nicknames, phone contacts upload and ‘snapcodes’.

A snapcode is a unique yellow figure with multiple dots that identify your profile. Others can scan your snapcode to add you immediately (similar to a QR code).

However, a new Snapchat update brought a change to snapcodes that many users aren’t impressed with. The controversial Snapchat 3D bitmoji that arrived last year are now integrated into each snapcode.

Snapchat 3D bitmoji integrated into each snapcode after new update

The arrival of 3D bitmoji on Snapchat brought a lot of criticism last year. Many users felt that the 3D bitmoji were ‘ugly’ compared to the previous cheerful 2D design.

However, Snapchat’s latest actions suggest that they did not pay much attention to these criticisms. After the update, the 3D bitmoji now lives in snapcode with little that Snapchat users can do to avoid it.

snapchat-new-update-3d-bitmoji-snapcode-tiktok-inspired-ui-1 (1)

@Snapchat guys come on with the new update man. people complained about you changing their characters to those weird 3D robot looking things and now you’ve gone and changed the snap code and profile image to the same ugly thing. what are you doing??

like what the fuck is that. the bitmojis were so cute before and they were nice and illustrated. now look what you’ve done. seriously change it back

The change came with the most recent Snapchat update, but it’s not the only tweak receiving criticism.

Snapchat UI changes inspired by TikTok

The latest Snapchat update also brought UI modifications inspired by the short video platform TikTok.

For instance, now a circle appears around the bitmojis when users upload a new story. Also, the traditional horizontal swipe is now vertical.

this new snapchat update w the circle around peoples bitmojis when they’ve posted a story is really dumb and annoying

Just opened snap. The new update makes you swipe up instead of sideways to view stories. Everybody tryna be like TikTok. Snapchat was already useless now they bout to get uselesser 👍🏾

It is currently unknown if the Snapchat team will take into account the many complaints from users. The only thing they have offered so far is a fairly generic response.

Hi! Thanks for your feedback! We always love hearing what you’d like to see on the app

We will update this story once new events related to the matter arise.

Update 1 (August 04, 2022)

06:59 pm (IST): Responding to a user’s complaint regarding this issue, Snapchat support said that they’ll share the feedback to the team.

We’re always working to improve the Snapchat experience on both platforms. Please keep an eye on your device’s app store for new updates! In the meantime, we’ll share the info you provided with our team (Source)

Update 2 (August 05, 2022)

05:01 pm (IST): Snapchat app recently bagged a new update on both Android and iOS with version and respectively. However, it does not bring any option to disable or change the 3D bitmoji snapcode.

Update 3 (December 1, 2022)

05:24 pm (IST): It appears that the new 3D bitmoji feature is now widely rolling out. However, it is not being very well received by the users as they find it ugly.

Moreover, users are now demanding Snapchat to bring the 2D bitmoji back. Unfortunately, there’s no workaround to fix this. For now, you can only remove the bitmoji from Snapchat.

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