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After weeks of rumors, last month Google finally announced the entry-level Chromecast with Google TV model priced at a good $30.

Understandably, the cheaper streamer ships with inferior internals when put head-to-head with its older, 4K counterpart. But you are getting the same experience on either stick thanks to the underlying Google TV.

However, being newer, the HD model came with one major advantage over its aging 4K sibling — Android TV 12 OS straight out of the box.


Since launch, the original Chromecast with Google TV remained on Android TV 10, but this changed a few days ago when Google confirmed the availability of Android TV 12 OS for this device.

Although much won’t be changing after this update, some will be excited by things like the ability to switch between different refresh rates and the additional settings for controlling HDR format and surround sound.

Unfortunately, though, all is not rosy for Chromecast with Google TV owners. According to reports, the update not only improved the HDR function, but it also broke it for some users.

Apparently, it is now emerging that HDR is not working properly on the Chromecast with Google TV after the update to Android 12.


Installed the Android 12 update this morning and it’s completely broken HDR for me. Here’s my setup: Chromecast –> Yamaha Receiver –> 4k 60 hz HDR HDMI Splitter –> Sony 4k TV/BenQ 4k projector.

Prior to installing the update everything worked seamlessly. I had HDR on both displays and could switch between them when I wanted. Now I get constant flickering/white spots/white lines and crackling audio on both displays when I use the Chromecast (my PS5 works flawlessly so I know the Chromecast is the issue). I can get it to go away if I turn off HDR but for the life of me I cannot get HDR to work.

Anyone have any troubleshooting recommendations? I’ve tried rebooting it, turning HDR off and on, adjusting/playing with all the HDR settings on the device, and I still get constant flickering, little grey dots, and white lines across the display. Is there any way to roll back the update or am I SOL?

There aren’t so many reports doing rounds, which is okay given the update just started rolling out recently. But for the few that have it, HDR seems to be broken on apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Those affected say constant flickering, white spots/lines and crackling audio have become the norm since updating to Android 12.


With nothing having changed in the setup, it’s easy to narrow the issue down to the new OS, but there’s still no official word so take this with a pinch of salt.

On the brighter side, there seems to be a way around it. One of those affected claims turning off HDR fixes this issue, but this isn’t an ideal solution by any means.

Alternatively, others claim the issue with HDR not working on Chromecast with Google TV after updating to Android 12 can be fixed by reducing the refresh rate from 4K/60Hz to anything lower.

it appears to be related to the refresh rate settings. If I have it set to 4k/60hz I get all sorts of crap on the screen. If I lower it everything works fine.

As noted earlier, Google seems to be unaware that HDR is not working on the Chromecast after the update to Android 12, but we’ll be keeping an eye on more developments and update this article.

Update 1 (November 29, 2022)

05:02 pm (IST): One of our readers confirms that lowering the refresh rate helps get the Chromecast with Google TV HDR back up and running.

lower refresh rate to 4k/30Hz works for me, but only a workaround

Thanks for the tip, Darren Hoo!

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