Ever since its launch, Halo Infinite has managed to impress a lot of players with the recent winter update.

It includes features like Campaign network Co-Op, Forge, and Mission Replay. But the issue related to Forge not saving maps’ progress was quite unappealing.

Halo Infinite crashing

And now, many players (1,2,3,4,5) are facing issues related to crashing specifically while playing in Forge mode.


I can’t see light probes when turning them on and lights don’t cast shadows despite being enabled, every time I try Bake Lighting it crashes every time.
Did anyone find settings that work?

My game keeps freezing or crashing while using forge mode, and if I try to quit the game it just keeps running in the background and I have to restart the console just to close the game. Anyone else having this issue?

The game keeps crashing randomly or while loading a match, matchmaking, and going through the in-game UI.

It is incredibly frustrating for some as the game is basically unplayable now as it freezes while performing any task.

Bugged textures

Apart from the crashing issue, players are also noticing bugged graphics or textures.


Trying to create a symmetrical map but saving the prefabs always seems to bug out the building in one way or the other, trying to move grouped objects also absolutely destroys the whole build. anyone know a fix?

Even when players successfully add textures to an object, it goes away the moment it is placed. This makes everything visually unpleasant and distorts the aesthetic side of the game.

Potential workarounds

We have come across some workarounds that can help fix the crashing issue. It involves enabling or disabling the HAGS/Hardware GPU schedule.


Uninstalling and reinstalling NVIDIA drivers also seem to fix the issue for some. Or you may as well update to the latest version available.


While others still continue to struggle with the issue even after new driver update.

I used to play at 60fps but now the game runs at 24-28 even on the lowest or maximum settings, I installed the patch looking for a solution but sadly nothing changed……

Fortunately, it seems that the team is aware of the issue where Halo Infinite textures are bugged. But the acknowledgment of the crashing issue is nowhere in sight.

343 said they’re aware of this issue in the halo discord, Michael Schorr (forge lead) replied to someone about it

We hope that the team comes up with a fix for the Halo Infinite crashing and bugged textures issues at the earliest.

We will keep tabs on the latest developments and update this article if there is any noteworthy information.

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