Destiny 2 'Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun' disabled or unavailable? Here's the official word

Destiny 2 arrived in August 2017 as the direct sequel to the new franchise from Bungie, the original creators of the Halo saga.

The game quickly gained a lot of popularity thanks to its combination of open world, dungeons and remarkable gunplay.

However, Destiny 2 is also usually one of the names that sounds the most when talking about issues. For instance, here we have covered how some raid goals were killing players or some rewards were not appearing, among others.


Now, Destiny 2 players are finding that ‘The Lord of Wolves’ Exotic shotgun is currently disabled or unavailable. But this has an explanation.

Destiny 2 ‘Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun’ disabled or unavailable

‘Lord of Wolves’ is one of the most interesting weapons in the game. It is a shotgun that inflicts a good amount of damage and whose perk (Release the Wolves) makes it even more powerful.

A few hours ago, Destiny 2 received a new weapon balance patch (v6.2.5). Changes included a buff to the Lord of Wolves, which was celebrated by fans of the weapon.


But just hours after the patch arrived, Destiny 2 players have found that the Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun has been disabled.

Lord of Wolves Disabled

Anyone know why Lord of wolves is now disabled

Here’s the official word

The latest Destiny 2 Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun buff brought improvements in multiple key aspects:

– Reduced ADS accuracy penalty 10x to 3x.
– Removed the previously existing 25% universal base damage buff.
– Added 40% additional PvE damage buff.
– Removed the 50% critical hit multiplier penalty.
– Fires full auto.

These buffs apply when players activate the ‘Release the Wolves’ perk. According to the changelog, the weapon now deals more damage, plus penalties while using it are greatly reduced.

However, it looks like the buff got a bit out of hand for Bungie. Players and developers noticed a few hours later that the weapon was dealing excessive damage and that it was ‘breaking the game’.

Therefore, the company decided to temporarily disable the Destiny 2 Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun while they fix it.

The Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun has been disabled due to an issue where it can apply more damage than intended.

We are targeting next week’s update to release the fix. More information will be provided when available.

The weapon is expected to be available again in an update next week. In any case, the company will offer more information about it soon.

We will update this story as events unfold.

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