[Updated] Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass rewards (Bravo pack) missing, issue acknowledged

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Original story (published on March, 17, 2022) follows:

Ubisoft released Rainbow Six Siege in 2015 as an interesting multiplayer tactical FPS set in the universe of acclaimed writer Tom Clancy’s novels.

Although Rainbow Six Extraction arrived a few weeks ago as the latest installment in the saga, Siege continues to receive support and new content.

Rainbow Six Siege even has new Battle Passes more than 6 years after being released. However, some players are facing issues when trying to claim content from the most recent Battle Pass.

More specifically, the Bravo pack items that Rainbow Six Siege players who purchased the year 7 Battle Pass should receive are missing for some.

Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass rewards (Bravo pack) missing

One of the benefits of the Rainbow Six Siege year 7 Battle Pass is automatically unlocking the first 20 tiers. So, the player receives certain items and rewards right after starting.

However, players should also be receiving the Bravo pack with other exclusive items. But, the year 7 Battle Pass Bravo pack is currently missing for some Rainbow Six Siege players (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11).


What happened to getting 5 bravo pack when the new season dropped

I have bought the standard year pass for 60 and what I’ve heard we are supposed to get 5 free bravo packs when the season drops me AND my friend haven’t gotten the bravo packs yet?

Not Getting any Battle Pass Rewards?

Hey y’all, I’m currently at 21/100 in the new pass but I don’t see any of the items and don’t have any bravo packs. Anyone else have this issue, is there a fix or do we just have to wait for a patch?

It’s worth pointing out that the Rainbow Six Siege year 7 Battle Pass isn’t especially cheap. Some players paid up to 60 USD for it, so not receiving their corresponding rewards is frustrating many.

@UbisoftSupport I bought the year 7 pass the 60 plus dollar one and I don’t have nothing have nothing from the battle pass that shows is unlocked what is what is the problem!?!?

That said, there is a potential workaround that could help make your rewards appear. The procedure to be followed is detailed below:

Not sure, but it happened to me as well.

You may have to click and enter the battlepass. Go to the level/rewards tab, and let the progress bar run/move.

After the “unlocks”, you should get the rewards.

Ubisoft is already aware

The Ubisoft team is already aware of the issue and is investigating. The company is currently requesting more feedback from users in order to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for trying this out. Our team is currently looking into this. Could you confirm the platform you are playing on? With Premium Pass and getting to Tier 20, Bravo Packs are rewarded for tiers 9,12, and 18 and a one in Tier 15 of the free pass track.

We will update this story if there is any change on the matter in the future.

Update 1 (September 16, 2022)

11:37 am (IST): Many gamers are now reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) that Bravo pack is again missing in Rainbow Six Siege.

Luckily, Ubisoft support has acknowledged this bug and said that they are currently investigating it. However, there’s no ETA for the fix.

Hello there! Sorry for the difficulties encountered with your Bravo Packs. Our team is looking into similar reports of this behavior. Do you happen to have the entire bravo pack collection in your game? (Source)

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