Oculus Quest is a virtual reality headset developed by Oculus. It enables fully-fledged freedom tracking for both head and hands.

However, Oculus Quest devices have been exhibiting numerous bugs and issues lately. For instance, it recently refused to load users’ account or profile and the controllers also stopped pairing or connecting for many.

Oculus Quest ‘controller tracking’ not working

It seems that now, many users (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) are facing an issue where Oculus Quest controllers aren’t tracking or registering their movements properly.

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Okay so my right controller is not working right and what I mean by that is that when I hold down on the joystick to run in some games my controller wouldn’t even allow me to run half the time and my player would just be standing still. Is there any fix because I can’t find anything.

I boot them up the unlock screen appears for a second but I have to controller tracking. then I’m just stuck on a gray screen. When I go to the boot up menu it says “no command”. This was only happening to 1 oculus but it recently happened to my other one too and it’s very annoying.

Oculus Quest controllers usually allow the device to transfer the user’s movement data to various games or apps. But, the tracking stops working altogether as it’s currently unable to process several movements.

This erratic behavior of Oculus controllers makes them quite laggy and unusable for many. According to some reports, controllers have also stopped working on the Air Link desktop view.

Affected users have even tried updating and resetting the device to factory settings but to no avail.

Potential workarounds

Those who feel that their Oculus Quest controllers are not registering any input at all can try the following workaround.

This is a crapshoot but I’ve heard taking the batteries out and putting them back in can resolve controller issues sometimes, I’ve even heard of it fixing drift which I wouldn’t have thought resetting the batteries could do

However, this doesn’t seem to fix the issue for everyone. So, users can try cleaning their Oculus Quest headset with a WD-40 contact cleaner.

Do note that this workaround also doesn’t guarantee a permanent solution to the issue where Oculus Quest controller tracking is not working properly.

We hope that the issue gets fixed soon and when that happens, we’ll update the article accordingly.

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