[Updated] Roller Champions players matched with only 1 or no teammates (2v3 or 1v3) in Ranked matches, demand fix

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Original story (published on May 31, 2022) follows:

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, Roller Champions was released a few days ago. The 3v3 skating game pitches players against one another with both sides trying to score the most goals in seven minutes.

But in order to score a goal, they have to complete a lap without the enemy team getting hold of the ball. Players can tackle, dodge, and knock their opponents.


But ever since its release, players have complained about long matchmaking queues, not being able to push rank and some getting Fatal Error: Failed to load il2cppm.

Adding to the trouble, Roller Champions players who were able to get matches are now complaining that they are getting one or no teammates (1,2,3,4,5).

Many say they are getting temporary bans because they left matches where the enemy team had three players and they had one or none. Players say the problem is making the game unplayable at best.

Some said they tried using a VPN, playing at different times and restarting the game but nothing helps. Here are some reports from Roller Champions players who are getting one or no teammates.


Getting 2v3 every single match. Idk if it’s match making, internet, or people just leaving but someone leaves every single game in ranked and makes it impossible to play or win. The problem is: if you leave there is ZERO PUNISHMENT. But if you stay you are the one who loses rank points. Terrible and I love Ubi I defend them so much but the 2v3s and rank point system is unacceptable

I’ve been banned for 50 minutes because I left a game with an empty team. I was in Quick Match, the rest of my team had left the game and I was losing (because duh its a 3v1) so I say f@ck it and leave, why would I sit there for another minute? Now I’m banned for an hour, who would care about me leaving? The other team?! They really need to fix this :/

Players are frustrated and wondering why Ubisoft is allowing them to play ranked at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, we did not come across any official word from Ubisoft about the problem.

We hope they listen to their player base and address the issue at the earliest.

As always, we will keep tabs on further developments on the matter and let you know once we have more information so make sure you keep checking this space for updates.

Update 1 (June 7)

05:57 pm (IST): Roller Champions support on Twitter has confirmed that this issue will be resolved in the upcoming patch.


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Featured image source: Ubisoft

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