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Dying Light 2 is the successor to the original game that was released back in 2015. However, the latest installment is riddled with numerous bugs and glitches.

A couple of days ago, Xbox players reported that the controller was not working or was getting stuck randomly while others complained about being unable to force-open locks.


And as if the existing bugs and glitches weren’t enough, Dying Light 2 players are reporting some more issues.

Rest unavailable in Safe Zone

Many Dying Light 2 players say (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) they are getting an error message that says ‘rest is unavailable, it’s not safe here’ whenever they try to sleep.

Apart from players being unable to sleep, some report that the clock is stuck for them. You can see in the image below what the error looks like.

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Please tell me this fixes the time issue. I can’t sleep in a bed, it always says rest unavailable, this area is dangerous. Even though it’s not. My time was also not moving, so I was stuck on days. I attempted to get to night by accepting a side quest to fast forward to night.

Basically the time in my game is frozen. The clock at the bottom right is gone, and time doesn’t progress at all. When I go to a safe zone and try to sleep, it says “Rest unavailable” if I kill myself, there’s no option to skip to dawn. I’ve tried every solution I’ve found online but nothing has worked. I need help fixing it. It’s been like this for days now and I can’t fix it. Please help

Unfortunately, Dying Light 2 developers are yet to say anything on what is causing the ‘rest is unavailable, it’s not safe here’ error message.

Having said that, we came across a bunch of workarounds that seem to be helping some. While some say using Quick Join to join a public lobby did the trick for them, others say they were able to fix the problem by joining a friend’s lobby.


You can head over to the thread to find some more workaround if the above-mentioned solutions don’t fix the issue for you.

Authority pack not downloading due to error code CE-107880-4 on PS5

As it turns out, many Dying Light 2 players are getting ‘CE-107880-4 error’ message (1,2,3) whenever they try to download or install the Authority pack on PS5.

You can see in the image below what the error message looks like for those affected.

Click/tap to enlarge image (Source)

I can’t download it, it keeps giving me the error CE-107880-4 even though it says I’ve purchased it. I think it’s got to do with trying to download the PS5 version of it.

Hey everyone so when I try download the Authority Pack on PS5 it keeps saying error and then shows an error code. Does anyone know any fix for this?

Unfortunately, the developers are yet to comment on the matter. Nonetheless, we will be keeping an eye out on the issues and update this space as and when we come across new information so make sure you stay tuned.

Update 1 (March 25)

03:34 pm (IST): Dying Light 2 support on Twitter said that they will fix the sleeping glitch, however, they did not provide any ETA for the fix.

Update 2 (May 11)

07:29 pm (IST): Many players are still reporting (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) the issue where the clock gets stuck and they can’t sleep. This prevents the transition from day to night and vice versa.

Although the team has already acknowledged the issue, it’s not been fixed even after a couple of updates. Fortunately, some users have managed to find workarounds that may help you resolve it.

Workaround 1:

It’s only a temporary fix but sleep at Cillians hideout. It doesn’t fix your time but it will transition you from night to day. Quests/challenges that need you to play during a certain time can switch your time of day too. (Source)

Workaround 2:

try sleeping at cillian’s that what i did to turn my eternal day into night dunno if it works the other way around (Source)

Workaround 3:

complete a side mission called double time, and it should be fixed. this side mission causes most of the problems regarding day/night cycle stuck (Source)

Update 3 (May 18)

03:58 pm (IST): The latest hotfix (1.31) for Dying Light 2 brings a fix for the issue where players are unable to rest in safe zones due to frozen daytime.

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