[Update: Apr. 21] Google Phone app needs option to turn off 'call recording alert', plead frustrated users

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Original story (published on July 15, 2021) follows:

Google Phone is easily the most popular calling app on Android outside of China. The app is now not only the default phone app on the Google Pixels, but on devices from almost every Android OEM.

Sure, the app has suffered plenty of backlash too because of its lack of features and boring interface from users who demand the return of the stock phone app from their respective Android skins.

But Google has been working hard to make Google Phone as rich as any other phone app. For example, the company recently added the much-demanded call recording function.


However, recordings could only be done manually by clicking on a record button on the in-call interface. This shortcoming was addressed in April when an automatic call recording option was added.

There is another ‘shortcoming’ though that has been the center of discussion across forums lately. You see, Google Phone plays a call recording alert whenever a recording starts to notify the person at the other end of the line.

Users who have complained about the call recording alert argue that this alert defeats the purpose of recording calls. Some examples of this have been given below.


I know it is for safety purpose but this feature {call recording announcement) is really absurd, please stop this in your new/next updates. What if your child is kidnapped and get a call for ransom and you want to record that conversation as proof or search but you can’t do that (coz of this announcement).

While the arguments sound reasonable enough, it is highly unlikely that Google will ever be doing away with the alert.

This is because things aren’t up to Google to decide. The company is legally obliged to add the feature. Because of this, no amount of complaints will force the removal of the feature.

And a moderator recently reiterated this obligation saying that to protect the privacy of the users, both parties are notified with a disclosure that the call is being recorded when a recording starts and when it ends.


In conclusion, not much can be done about the call recording alert on Google Phone unless the law for the same is reversed. Still, you can always head over to the Help & feedback option within the app and submit your request.

Update (November 26)

IST 10:21 am: Even as Google Phone users continue to hope and wait for the option to turn off ‘call recording alert’, Truecaller through the latest version, Truecaller 12, now adds call recording for Android 5.1 and above in India.

Update (April 21)

IST 12:49 pm: According to the updated Play Store policy, the third-party call recording apps won’t be supported on Android after May 11.

However, this change won’t affect the pre-installed call recording feature that comes with some devices. More on that here.

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