Rainbow Six Siege players report mouse stuck in top left corner, issue under investigation (workarounds inside)

Apart from toxicity and trolling, Rainbow Six Siege players seem to be facing numerous issues after the start of Year 7 Demon Veil.

From long queue times on PlayStation 5 to some unable to download the latest update, the list of bugs seems endless.


Adding to the trouble, many Rainbow Six Siege players are now reporting (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) that their mouse is getting stuck on the top left corner of the screen after quitting the game.

It looks like the game process is not closing itself completely and making it impossible for players to regain control of the mouse cursor for a couple of seconds to a few minutes.

Some said they thought it was because of corrupted installation and tried verifying their game files and reinstalling the game but the issue persists. Here are some reports from Rainbow Six Siege players who are tired of their mouse getting stuck on the top left of the screen after quitting the game.


@Rainbow6Game I dont know if anyone has reported this but everytime I close your game my mouse gets stuck in the top right corner of the screen as if the game is still open? and it doesnt go away until the game fully closes out (ubisoft connect/uplay launcher )

Every time I turn off the siege, the mouse will always get stuck in the upper left corner of the screen due to force majeure. This will not happen in other games I have experimented with. And it’s not just me, but my friends and I.😥

Fortunately, Ubisoft Support Staff has commented on the matter and said that the developers are looking into the issue where the mouse cursor is stuck on the top left of the screen after players quit Rainbow Six Siege.

However, they did not share a timeframe on when the bug will be fixed.

Hello @domojaxx, we appreciate you reporting this. We have collected similar reports of this behavior happening with other players when closing out of the game, and the Dev Team is currently looking into it. Please stay tuned to our News & Announcements page and our social media channels for further updates. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during this team. If you have any questions, please share them with us here!

As it turns out, those affected by the issue can try using the ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ shortcut to open the task manager and manually end the Rainbow Six Siege process (RainbowSix.exe) from there to regain control of the mouse.


Another workaround suggests heading over to Ubisoft connect settings and making sure that the app closes when closing the game.

I think I found the Problem. In the ubisoft connect settings you have to make sure the app closes when closing a game. this was a question when first installing.

We hope the developers soon find out what is causing the problem and fix it as soon as possible so players can continue using their system after quitting the game.

As always, we will be updating this space when they fix the issue so make sure you stay tuned to PiunikaWeb.

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