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Elden Ring, From Software’s latest ‘Souls-like’ game has been receiving acclaim since its release thanks to its deep gameplay mechanics, setting and more.

Elden Ring players have also been encountering some issues that require a fix to polish up the experience. However, some of the potential issues are actually gameplay mechanics that players are unaware of.

For instance, many Elden Ring players have noticed that, in certain areas, a percentage of their runes are missing after dying. Continue reading if you want to know what is happening (and how to avoid it).

Elden Ring missing runes after dying on Stormveil Castle

Social platforms like Reddit and Twitter are full of reports from Elden Ring players pointing out that after dying, a part of their runes are missing (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11).

According to reports, players lose between 20% and 35% of their runes if they die in certain areas.


I’m Losing ~20% Of My Runes Every Time I Die Automatically

Has anyone bumped into this issue, where when you die, you drop your runes and when you make it back to where you were and loot your previous runes, the sum total is less each time.

I died at 9000, came back, looted 7000. Died shortly after, came back, looted 6000. Now I looted that, I’m down to 4000.

I’m bumping into this issue in the courtyard of Stormveil Castle.

I know that I have to get my runes when I die, I KNOW, I’ve played all DS games, what I meant its that when I died and then recover my runes I get only a part of them but not all of them. From what I seen it happens in Stormveil and someone said it happens because of an NPC so if anyone is wondering the same then its probably because of the area you’re in.

As you can see in most of the reports, the issue occurs in the Stormveil Castle area. However, all this has an explanation.

This is what’s going on (and how to solve it)

There is a mysterious character at the entrance to Stormveil Castle known as ‘The Gatekeeper’, who can become one of the merchants in the game, but it is not always reliable.


The Elden Ring community discovered that ‘The Gatekeeper’ is responsible for the loss of your runes, since he takes advantage of when you die to ‘steal’ a part.

In addition, the character also gives you difficulties during your Stormveil Castle tour. For instance, if you enter certain rooms full of enemies (and even bosses), you will not be able to leave as The Gatekeeper will block the door.

So, if you want to solve these issues (lost runes and locked doors behind you in rooms with enemies), you can kill the Gatekeeper. This allows you to recover the runes that have been stolen up to that point.

However, players also report that The Gatekeeper becomes one of the most useful merchants in the game if you let him live. So, maybe it is better for you to deal with his traits thinking in the long term.

Update 1 (March 07)

12:12 pm (IST): One of the affected players pointed out that gamers will have to kill the Gatekeeper before they kill Godrick in order to get more runes.

Update 2 (March 08)

11:59 am (IST): A Redditor shared a tip for players who’ve lost their runes in a bossfight. Check it out below:

FYI if you ever lose your runes in a bossfight and can’t do it and want to come back later but save your runes you can enter the boss fight, pick up your runes, open start menu and quit to menu, and you will load back into the game with all of your runes outside the boss door 🙂 (Source)

Update 3 (March 09)

12:12 pm (IST): A gamer on Reddit pointed out that the aforementioned process of boss fight applies to every boss that’s not found in the open world.

Update 4 (March 10)

04:51 pm (IST): Here’s another workaround for this issue that the affected players can try in order to get more runes.


– Run into the boss arena like you normally would, with every intention of ducking and weaving through their attacks.

– Grab your dropped Runes

– Create as much distance between you and the boss as possible. If you have summons, use them to distract the enemy.

– Open the game menu and go to System

– Open the Quit Game menu tab. It’s the last tab on the right.

– Quit the game. (Source)

Update 15 (March 15)

05:38 pm (IST): Here’s another potential workaround that the affected players can try in order to avoid losing runes on death.


Update 16 (March 16)

03:08 pm (IST): A player reported that he didn’t get any runes when he died by falling down from the cliff.

On this, another gamer pointed out that if you fall from a cliff and die then you’ll find the runes on the edge of the cliff from where you jumped, and not in the place of death where the body landed.

Update 17 (March 17)

10:47 am (IST): A Redditor suggested a trick that the players can use if they don’t want to lose their runes after death.


Update 18 (March 18)

1:47 pm (IST): Since there are a number of players who need a better method to farm runes or maybe lost runes and didn’t get them back, here’s a guide worth checking out.

Update 19 (March 21)

06:00 pm (IST): A player pointed out that this issue isn’t resolved even after the latest patch as Gastoc still steals the runes when you die.

Update 20 (March 23)

05:51 pm (IST): Elden Ring has released a new patch (1.03.2) with bug fixes. But unfortunately, it does not mention anything about the missing runes issue.

Update 24 (March 24)

05:06 pm (IST): If players have to earn their lost runes in the game, then here’s a way to farm runes without killing the NPC. You can check it out in the video below.

Update 25 (March 29)

04:25 pm (IST): Here’s a trick players can use to improve rune farming. It can be helpful if you lost runes or just want to collect more.

Update 26 (April 05)

06:33 pm (IST): A player suggested another easy way to farm runes. If you have lost runes then you can earn them back faster using it.

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