Lost Ark players report Harmony & Life Shards disappearing or missing

One of the best top-down games to come out this year is Lost Ark. Developed by Smilegate RPG and Tripod Studio, the free-to-play title was released in the Americas and Europe in February this year.

The game allows players to explore the open-world and features both PvE and PvP elements. Lost Ark gained massive popularity and within a day, went on to become the second most played game on Steam.


But issues such as players unable to enter the Sanctum of Mist to complete the Aura of Chaos quest and the ‘Time to Heal’ Ealyn Rapport quest crashing have negatively affected the overall experience for many.

And as if these weren’t troubling enough, Lost Ark players are now saying (1,2,3,4,5) they are tired of the bug where Life and Harmony Shards are suddenly disappearing or missing.

Many say that the bug occurs randomly and when it does, they lose almost all of their shards. This is really frustrating since players have to collect the shards once again.

Below are some reports from Lost Ark players who are tired and frustrated of their Harmony and Life shards disappearing randomly.


So I had some spare life shards in my currency inventory, I used them up in honing. After that, I went to the event shop, bought some Life Shard pouches (15 of them), used them all up, but when I tried to hone my items, the game said I only have 12 life shards instead of the 15000 that I just bought from the event shop. And yes I know where I can see my currencies, and I checked the chat log too (It said I acquired Life Shards,) . I checked my localization files and restarted my game, but I still don’t have life shards.

Hello, thank you for looking at this draft. Been playing game from the release in europe and been having great time. My problem started when i was in-game and i started to hone my gear. At first it worked well until i hit item lvl to 13 with one item. I’ve been doing all the side-quests and pretty much everything i can get my hands on so i’ve had gather up approximately 23000-25000 Harmony shards. But after doing the gear honing i’ve lost all and now my current amount is beautiful 0…

Some say they have lost thousands of shards because of the bug and are frustrated and wondering if and when Amazon Games will comment on the matter.

We hope Lost Ark developers soon find out the reason why Life and Harmony shards are disappearing and fix it as soon as possible.

As always, we will keep looking for more information and update this article once the issue is fixed so keep checking this space.

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