The FromSoftware-developed action RPG title Elden Ring has taken the internet by storm. Soon after its release, the game neared a million concurrent players on Steam, making it the sixth most played game on the platform.

Having said that, many have complained about various bugs and glitches affecting the game such as the game crashing on PC due to anti-cheat and Blaid and Ranni missing or not showing up.


And as if these problems weren’t troubling enough, Elden Ring players are now complaining (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) about the invisible Carian Retaliation bug in PvP matches.

In case you are unaware, the Carian Retaliation won’t shoot swords but it still registers as hits. Moreover, the damage seems to be extremely high. Many are frustrated since they are getting one shot because of the issue.

While the sorcery is completely fine on its own, players say that it’s the Ash of War version that is bugged.


Not only are the Glintblades that it spawns visually bugged (Targets of the glintblades literally can’t see when they fire), the damage from this skill is insanely overtuned. So much so that it must be a bug. You could have 99 vigor with all the magic negation you can get and you will still be one shot by this. I started to notice that I was randomly just one shotted by other players now and then, but I couldn’t tell what the f*ck it was.

So I ultimately just chalked it up to connection issues. But after the fifth time and onward, I started to notice that every time it happened, they were using Carian Retaliation. Specifically the Ash of War version rather than the sorcery. The Sorcery itself seems completely fine. But the Ash of War version seems to be bugged to shit. More and more people are starting to realize this and abuse it. That literally does need to be hotfixed asap, I’m tired of running into people abusing this crap.

Some have suggested a workaround in case you are dying to the invisible Carian Retaliation bug in a single shot.

It involves using the heaviest of shields so the damage taken is lowered. Players say that Bloodhound step spamming is also effective against the extremely high damage.

If you are getting one shotted in pvp by players using the new invisible carian retaliation bug, using the heaviest shields(Fingerprint etc.) Will significantly lower the damage taken. Bloodhound step spamming is also fairly effective in dodging it as well as closing the gap and punishing (just watch for the inevitable moonveil or rivers of blood spam). I hate to suggest using cheese methods, but It is fairly effective and much better than getting one tapped. Heres to hoping Fromsoft keeps up the pace on its patches and fixes.

Many Elden Ring players are now demanding that FromSoftware patches the invisible Carian Retaliation bug as soon as possible since the PvP is unplayable at best right now.

We hope the developers notice the problem and fix the Carian Retaliation in the coming days. If and when they do, we will let you know so stay tuned for updates.

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