[Updated] Riders Republic players complain about not getting sponsor rank rewards

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Developed by Ubisoft Annecy and published by Ubisoft, Riders Republic is a sports video game. In many ways, it is the successor to Steep but with some mechanics ported over from CREW.

The game lets players switch between mountain biking, skiing, wingsuit flying, and snowboarding anytime they want. Riders Republic can be termed as a massive multiplayer sports game since it allows 50 plus players to compete against each other in Mass Races.


While the game has been pretty fun, some issues like players not being able to unlock wingsuit and the game crashing on the Xbox Series X had ruined the experience for some.

Now, Riders Republic players are reporting (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) another issue with the game where they are unable to claim the Sponsor Rank rewards. Many say that even though they have reached level 10 for their sponsor, the game is not handing out rewards.

If you are new to the title, Sponsors come up with daily contracts that players can complete to increase their sponsor rank. Increased rank hand out some pretty unique rewards like bucks and gears. However, you can only tie up with three sponsors at a time, with the ability to switch between them every two hours or so.

Some said that players needed to max out rank 11 to get the rank 10 rewards and unlock the 5 daily challenges to fill the bar. But others say that even after doing so, they were unable to claim the rewards.

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I have reached max rank with Armada and still have not received the final set of ski’s they have as a reward (rank 10/11 reward). Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
Edit: Just so it’s clear Armada has been maxed out for me. I have seen other posts talking about this, but it seems the reward is still paid out once max rank is reached. It still is not happening for me.

Ive been seeing alot of posts claiming they didnt get the sponsor reward and now when im at max rewards in the DeVinci sponsor i didnt get the bike. Ubisoft really need to fix that cuz after u get to like 1000 one of the things is thats ur gonna be grinding for bikes most of the time and doing sponsor contracts. So we just need the max rewards. Please fix

The bug has really frustrated a bunch of players since it takes quite a while to max out Riders Republic sponsor rank rewards. Fortunately, Ubisoft seems to be aware of the issue and said it is currently under investigation.


As always, we will keep an eye out and update this article once Ubisoft fixes the Riders Republic sponsor rank rewards issue.

Update 1 (March 24)

05:20 pm (IST): Ubisoft said around two months ago that this issue will be resolved in the next update, however, new reports are still coming in. And support is still asking for feedback from the affected players.

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