[Update: Nov. 10] Riders Republic issues with crashing on Xbox Series X & missing bunny outfit acknowledged

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Original story (published on October 29, 2021) follows:

If you are into sports video games, chances are pretty high you have heard of Riders Republic. Developed by the same studio that brought us Steep (Ubisoft Annecy), the game was launched on October 28 and is published by Ubisoft.

The game lets players choose between five activities – snowboarding, wingsuit flying, skiing, mountain biking, and even rocket wing suiting. According to Ubisoft, Riders Republic is a massively multiplayer sports game.


It is an open world that features several American national parks and combines them into a single map. In case you aren’t interested in the multiplayer aspect of the game, Riders Republic also features a career mode that allows you to enjoy the game solo.

The multiplayer mode allows more than 50 players to play against each other. However, the console version of the game allows only up to 20 players.

However, soon after it’s release, Riders Republic players say the game is crashing on the Xbox Series X. While most reports suggest the crashes occur when playing mass races, others say the game crashes randomly.


Not gonna lie this game is unoptimised so many issues certain races just cause your xbox to lock up to point it shuts itself off not sure how this got past Q&A and yes the preload includes the day 1 patch. I’m aware mass races cause crashes but I’m just playing regular races. It’s to point you can’t even progress

Impossible to play Mass Races without it crashing between rounds, various events crash and it’s the same ones it can be replicated and between most rounds of multiplayer it crashes, it’s fucked. Playing on Series X and it’s not just a crash to dashboard it’s completely shutting down my Xbox after crashing.

Players said they did not experience such issues when playing the trial version of the game. Thankfully, Ubisoft seems to be aware of Riders Republic crashing on Xbox Series X and said it is currently under investigation.

We are aware of Xbox players reporting game crashes. We are actively investigating this. Mass Races have temporarily been switched to 32 players to help resolve this. Are you noticing an improvement?

As it turns out, that is not the only bug currently affecting players. Some are saying that the Riders Republic pre-order Bunny outfit ismissing. It seems that players were able to equip the outfit sometime ago but it seems Ubisoft has disabled it now.


Bunny outfit and heads from preorder now missing. Anyone else having this issue? They were present in my inventory this AM but have now disappeared?

@RidersRepublic my bunny pre order outfit is gone along with my blue bunny head are missing. I had them and was wearing them and when i logged in yesterday out of rest mode they were all gone. I’m not sure what else could be missing.

Many were confused as to what happened to their Bunny costume. Thankfully, Ubisoft cleared it up ans said they the Bunny Costime was not missing and they disabled it to investigate an issue.

Hey there, the Bunny Outfit has been disabled temporarily so the team can further investigate an issue affecting Riders Republic. More information can be found on our post here. >> https://twitter.com/RidersRepublic/status/1453821605927440388 — Please stay tuned for further news in the meantime. Thank you!

Update (November 10)

IST 10:50 am: Riders Republic now reports back that a bug-fix update has been seeded out to users on Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 4|5. Affected players should, therefore, update their consoles.

riders republic xbox fix for crashes

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Featured image source: Ubisoft

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