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COD Warzone is one of the few Battle Royale titles in the franchise. Developed by Raven Software and published by Activision, it is also one of the most successful installments in the series.

The online-only game is free-to-play and supports up to 150 players with some game modes even allowing 200 players to join in.


But in the last few weeks, players have complained about several bugs such as the ‘Content Package is no longer available’ issue and weapon camos not staying or getting unequipped after exiting Gunsmith.

And now, COD Warzone players are now reporting (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) that the ping system is not working properly and the map pins are inconsistent.

Reports indicate the issue happens whenever they are near Redeploy Balloons, but others say the pings are inaccurate throughout the map and that the problem is not isolated to the location.

Players say they are unable to accurately ping enemy locations to their teammates, which is really a serious issue since communication is one of the core aspects of any multiplayer game.

Below are some reports from COD Warzone players complaining about inconsistent map pins and the ping system not working accurately.


Pinging has been a nightmare for a couple weeks and it seems to be getting worse. My issue is different though. Playing rebirth, only pinging on the map seems to be reliable. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a live ping or just trying to ping anything, without pulling out my map, doesn’t seem to work half of the time. Its killed me a few times in sniper fights because I can’t reliably ping without having to pop my head out 2-3 times just to ping their location. Then theres the times I completely give up because I got ammo behind me pinging like I’m staring right at it and I can’t ping nothing but that. It’s highly annoying and frustrating.

Yes the ping floating in the air is particularity annoying as it is new since about two weeks ago (maybe season two?). It only happens if you ping from the map. It’s as if the game puts the ping at the average altitude of the map, rather than at proper altitude of whatever you pinged. Makes team communication difficult (especially when spectating your teammate and you want to ping enemy locations), or if if you are trying to ping a bounty location. Very annoying bug.

Thankfully, Raven Software seems to be aware of the inconsistent map pins and ping not working issue around the Redeploy Balloons and said that they are working on a fix.

It looks like one of the upcoming updates will resolve the problem. However, they did not share any ETA on when it will be patched.

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We’re aware of an issue causing inconsistent Pings around Redeploy Balloons. We’re working towards a fix and we have created a Trello Card for tracking.

Until then, we will be tracking further developments on the matter and let you know when it is fixed. In the meantime, make sure you check out our COD bug tracker to see similar issues affecting players across various Call of Duty games.

Update 1 (March 22)

05:41 pm (IST): Raven Software has confirmed that they will release an update for COD: Warzone on Wednesday that will include a fix for this issue.

Update 2 (March 24)

03:43 pm (IST): The latest COD: Warzone patch includes a fix for the ping not working issue near Redeploy Balloons.

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