Apex Legends is one of the most famous online-multiplayer Battle Royale titles of all time. It had more than 100 million players as of April 2021.

Developers often bring new content in the form of cosmetics and new legends. But sometimes they result in issues such as the bloodhound kill tracker getting reset and the game crashing to desktop with no error message.


Now, Apex Legends players are reporting (1,2,3,4,5) another issue where HUD is disappearing or missing when they spawn. Many say that the HUD disappears randomly making it impossible for them to check stats such as health bar, ammo, map, or kill feed.

It is a really serious issue making the game completely unplayable. The problem seems to be affecting a lot of players across all platforms.

Some said they tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but to no avail. You can see how the game looks like without the HUD.

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Just played a match of ranked Arenas and it felt like Hardcore from call of duty lol. No health bar, no ammo, no map, no teammates health bar or killfeed. First time i ever had that happened. Not fun when you think you got decent health for a push and get wrecked in 3 shots bc you had 50 hp 🤣

HUD glitch. Whenever I try to play now everything goes good until I load into a game and my entire hud is gone. Next game it’s back, and now it seems like ever other game it’s gone and then it’s back and then it’s gone. Is there any possible way to fix this because it’s starting to become unplayable.

While Apex Legends developers are yet to acknowledge the issue, we came across a workaround that involves restarting the game whenever players see no HUD. But this is not always possible especially if you are in a crowded area or a high tier loot area.

This exact thing happens to me all the time, I join a game and land and there’s nothing on my screen. It happens the whole time, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling apex (I play on PS4) but it didn’t work. I have a temporary fix for it, you just close apex and reopen it. But this is far from ideal as I once almost died to the ring because of it.

We hope the developers find out the root cause of the issue and fix it in the coming days since it is really hard to play a multiplayer game like Apex Legends with the HUD missing.

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