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Original story (published on February 15, 2022) follows:

In the last few hours, both COD Vanguard and Warzone received the Season 2 update. It brought a lot of new content including challenges, unlockable items and more.

However, the Season 2 update also brings some issues to both games. We recently covered a COD Vanguard issue on the scoreboard kill counter.

COD Warzone is also showing some glitches after the update. Among these is a bug with the ‘Bundle Up’ Wade operator skin.

A curious visual glitch in COD Warzone causes the aforementioned ‘Bundle Up’ Wade operator skin to take the character’s head off, resulting in a Halloween-like appearance (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

COD Warzone ‘Bundle Up’ Wade skin missing head glitch

Multiple reports on the issue are emerging on social networks like Twitter. Some COD Warzone players who purchased the ‘Bundle Up’ Wade operator skin find that their character’s head is missing.

Im loving the Xp and the new Wade skin that u can get by buying the 20 tier skip its head is gone and fills with MW operators heads…

The wade skin from the battle pass is completely broken in #warzone @RavenSoftware @SHGames I’m sure you guys don’t test any thing.


Valentine ears skin for Wade is also missing his head and in game is just an otter skin.

Nice to see they added a new Headless Horseman skin to the Wade operator in season 2 of Warzone Pacific!

Ultimate head glitch!

#CallofDuty #WarzonePacific #Season2 #Warzone #Vanguard

Fortunately, the problem in question is only visual and does not affect the gameplay in any way. However, it is surprising that a glitch of this type appears in the game.

Also, it seems that the glitch only occurs in the character customization screen. So far the ‘headless character’ has not been seen during matches according to reports.

Raven Software team is aware of the issue

The Raven Software team is already aware of the issue described above and they reflect it in their public Trello bugs/issues list.


The bug card in question is tagged as ‘Fix Scheduled’. So there is a possibility that the company will send the fix very soon, but there are no specific details yet about an estimated arrival date for it.

We will keep our eyes open for further updates on this matter to update this story.

Update 1 (March 03)

11:54 am (IST): The latest COD: Warzone patch is now available and it brings a bunch of bug fixes. It also includes a fix for the issue where Wade Bundled Up Operator Skin appears headless.

NOTE: You can also check the bugs/issues tracker dedicated to the current Call of Duty (COD) game series

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