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Released in October of 2021, Far Cry 6 is the latest title in the long-running video game series. While the gameplay is similar to its previous versions, Far Cry 6 puts players in an urban environment making it more challenging and fun.

However, the Ubisoft Toronto developed game was criticized because soon after its release, several issues surfaced some of which made the game completely unplayable.


Some examples of the same are the game crashing when loading fast travel and the black screen issue on Xbox.

While Ubisoft usually fixes most of these bugs, new ones surface from time to time, thanks to the frequent updates and the online nature of the game.

Having said that, Far Cry 6 players are now reporting that they are stuck in a dog cage/kennel and are unable to escape when playing the ‘Man’s Best Enemy’ mission.

Many say that they cannot fast travel and tried to reload their save game but to no avail. Some say that the ‘Withdraw from Operation’ option does not help either. Dying makes no difference since the game spawns the player in the same spot.


Hi, I was playing Far Cry 6 (man’s best enemy mission), and got stuck in one of the dog cages. Now I can’t get out and I’m half way through the game, so I really don’t want to play it all over again. I tried everything. Loading last save, ending the mission (btw. it doesn’t work, idk if it works in other missions, but definetly not in this one). So if anyone has the same issue, or has any tips or sugestions, I would be really happy to try them.

I’m playing the side quest “Man’s Best Enemy” I’m on PS5
When Chicharron is fighting the dogs I snuck into one to the dogs cages thinking Incould get to the FND case in there. Well it wasn’t in there all the dogs are dead but I can’t leave the cage and there is no other way out. I can’t fast travel cause it’s locked out during the mission. Can’t load autosave because it saved there. You can’t manually save in this game so that’s not a option. I tried the “Withdraw from Operation” option and that didn’t work either. Exiting an reloading the game just takes me back to the same spot. I sure as hell not starting over.

Fortunately, Ubisoft has acknowledged the bug and said that it is currently under investigation.

However, they did not say or share any ETA on when it will be fixed, which means Far Cry 6 players might have to stay stuck in the kennel for some time.


They also shared a workaround that seems to be helping some. Keep in mind that you will need someone to join you in a coop session if you want to get out.

While stuck in the kennel, have a friend join you for a coop session, and have them finish the Chicharrón objective. This will trigger the cutscene, moving you out of the kennel. If both you and your coop partner are in the kennel, one of you dying should respawn outside the kennel.

With some reports dating back to November, we wonder why Ubisoft is taking so long to fix the issue. We hope they release a patch in the coming days so players can continue exploring the beautiful world of Far Cry 6.

When they do, we will let you know so make sure you stay tuned for updates.

Update 1 (January 19)

04:02 pm (IST): For those still having this issue. Here’s another workaround suggested by one of the affected users that you can try.

100% solution. Start your game. Stand with your back against the entrance you entered. Invite a friend now. These will always come after you in the game. Make your friend run away, kill yourself with fire or grenade, you will now reappear next to your friend and you are out of the cage. This has worked for me 100%. Good luck everyone. (Source)

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