Released just two years ago, Valorant is one of the most popular FPS games that combines the tactical gameplay from Counter-Strike and features characters with unique abilities from Overwatch.

Although the game does not come close to Counter-Strike in terms of popularity, according to the data from, Valorant averaged 13,863,342 monthly players.


Valorant developers frequently update the game that sometimes brings in new content such as skins and agents and balance weapons.

That being said, some players recently complained about the Ares being overpowered after the Episode 4 patch and demanded that the developers revert the changes.

They also said that patch 4.01 will remove the beloved glitched-out version of the Killjoy player card known as Widejoy. Although the banner was glitched, many players said they loved it and were sporting the accessory.

Valorant players are now asking Riot Games not to remove Widejoy because they enjoyed the wide Killjoy banner. You can see how the banner looks like in the image below.

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I have had my fair share of complaints about the game over the years, but for the most part it’s been enjoyable and the updates coming out have greatly increased the quality of the game. This new patch is not one of those. I scroll through the patch notes, the new agent looks great, I’m a fan of the map changes – and then I see that RIOT GAMES are removing Widejoy next patch.
The one thing keeping me logging into the game was the delight and wonder of using widejoy. The sheer awe that the pixelated, stretched banner gives me was incomparable. The love and warmth that filled my heart seeing a fellow player using the widejoy banner made me feel personally connected to the community in a way that no subreddit or forum could.

When I was dying of cancer, widejoy was there and plucked the tumours from my brain. When I was getting married and it started to rain, widejoy blew the dark clouds away. When my child was being bullied at school, widejoy beat up his bully and got him a new PS5. Widejoy is not just a banner, its a way of life.

Some even went on to create a petition on asking Riot Games to not remove Widedjoy from Valorant. You can sign the petition here. At the time of writing, the petition has somewhere close to 4,800 signatures.

As it turns out, the lead of the dev team at Valorant has commented on the matter and said that they are working on bringing her back to the game.

Hi there! The “bug” that incepted our beloved Widejoy does in fact need to be fixed. But we are already at work on ways to bring her back into the game. We love her, and we love that you love her.

We hope Valorant developers do not remove Widejoy from the game. As always, we will be keeping an active track of the developments on this one and update this story as and when required.

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