Axie Infinity graphics issues with dizzy animations, low-res cards & bugged SLP inventory after latest update come to light

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games out there. Recently, its developers sent an update that adds various new features and improvements.

The update in question brought improvements regarding the graphics and animations, in addition to adjustments designed to improve the experience in battles and balance statistics, as well as correct errors.


However, this update did not come as polished as it should. According to multiple reports, currently the graphic add-ons present issues like dizzy animations, low-res cards and others.

In addition to the above, some players are suffering from a bug in their inventory SLP. The glitch causes to show a wrong amount of SLP available.

Axie Infinity dizzy animations and low-res cards issues

One of the improvements that the update brought is related to animations. The developers sought to add richness and dynamism to the matches, but it was not done correctly.

Axie Infinity players report that the game’s new animations are ‘dizzy’. This is because there is a kind of desync between the animation and the gameplay, generating a confusing effect (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Any one else feeling dizzy playing?

Like what has been said by a whole lot of posts, this update sucked. I thought I can work with it for now as I enjoyed playing the game. But now, I am getting motion sickness and feeling like I’m about to throw up watching axies move and just playing the game. I am trying to keep up with the animations but they just make me dizzy and sick.

The problem seems to be that the animations were sped up, sometimes overlapping each other. In addition to the above, Axies cards are now reportedly displayed at low resolution.


Bugged SLP inventory, fix in progress

Another issue that Axie Infinity players report after the update is related to the SLP inventory, which is bugged for many. The interface shows a wrong amount of SLP.

This made many players think that the SLP they had in inventory was lost with the update, as various reports show (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Hi. I need help. After the updated version, MY SLP’s WERE LOST. I have more than 10000 SLP. Now only 2000 plus is reflecting. Tried to re install but still it’s not reflecting. How can I report?

Many have issue about lost slp this new update they did not claim slp or transfer their slp to ronin Wallet, since day 1 they play axie. Please look this issue.

But actually, this is reportedly a graphical bug. It is expected that the accounts of all players will gradually be corrected. In fact, some players already have their normal SLP stats.


To conclude, if there is news related to the Axie Infinity graphic issues in the next few days, update this article to keep you informed.

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