[Updated] Axie Infinity floor axies and no SLP for those below 800MMR after latest update gets players complaining

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Original story (published on October 16, 2021), follows:

This year there has been a “boom” in the segment of the so-called crypto-games (NTF games), which have finally attracted the mass public. One of the most popular titles out there is Axie Infinity with its token SLP.

One of the reasons for this explosion in NFT games is that they basically allow players to earn crypto-tokens, which can be exchanged for real money. This has increased its popularity mainly in developing countries.


The NFT games “boom” in 2021

Through games like Axie Infinity, players can gain more than the average salary of their territory. In the particular case of this game, the crypto-token to be won is called SLP (Smooth love potion).

Now, it seems that things will get a bit complicated to get the token. The game developers have modified the conditions under which SLP can be obtained. Basically, those players whose MMR is below 800, will not receive SLP.

What is MMR in Axie Infinity and how does it affect the players?


In summary, Axie Infinity is a game with a gameplay similar to that of others such as Pokemon. This means that we need to form teams of small creatures to face off against the teams of other players in arena.

“MMR” (Match Making Rating) is a game indicator that represents our current level of wins. For every win, MMR increases, and for every loss, it decreases.

In arena, you are playing against other players in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. You will be matched with players of the same skill level through your (MMR).The system will match us against players with similar MMR level to ours.

MMR also affects the amount of SLP that we can get. The higher the MMR, the more SLP we will get when winning a battle. Something to note is that if we lose the battle, we will not win SLP, and we will lose MMR.

If you have less than 800 MMR, you won’t receive SLP in Axie Infinity


And this is where the current problem arises. The Axie Infinity development team has decided that users below 800 MMR will not get SLP. Unsurprisingly, this has brought a negative reaction from many players.

Among the posts we can read that there are many players stuck in MMR levels between 600-800, due to the difficulty of maintaining those figures. Apparently only players with expensive monsters can maintain that level consistently.

Axies floor after this

Players have expressed concern about this decision. Not only related to not being able to generate SLP having less than 800 MMR, but also with respect to how it will affect the value of the token.

Currently, the value of SLPs has fallen by more than 6%. This is something that affects both the players (whose SLPs are now worth less money) and the game itself since it has less economic liquidity.


There are players who see this as a good move. By lowering the price of the Axies, more players would be encouraged to create an account. Meanwhile, the requirement to maintain 800 MMR would maintain bots away.

On the other hand, these types of decisions are not something new in NFT games. Constantly, its developers introduce changes to make the game sustainable in the long term, and not deplete its liquidity.

What do you think about these changes? Do you consider them necessary and fair? Or are they unfair to the players? Will it cause the departure of many players? Share your opinion with us.

Update 1 (October 20)

12:42 pm (IST): Axie Infinity developers released an official statement. They indicate that they have received all the feedback from the community. Although the change continues, they want to shed more light on the reasons behind it.

They want there to be a better balance between the skill of the player and the financial benefit they get. They do not want players to profit easily without skill, as this affects the economy of the game.


Related to the above, they say that not earning SLP with an MMR below 800 will keep bots out of Axie Infinity. They point out that they found bots encrypted to play without any physical player present.

Basically, to take care of the sustainability of the game and its economy, players who want economic benefits should strive for it.

Update 2 (October 23)

06:10 pm (IST): The results are out and nearly 50% of you think that it’s a bad change, while around 20% want this decision to be reverted.

Moreover, nearly 17% believe that SLP should be provided at below 800 MMR. Whereas, for the rest, it doesn’t matter.

Update 3 (October 29)

12:20 pm (IST): Axie Infinity devs have stood their ground and claim that the MMR change will remain in place to avoid players from gaining financial benefit without building any skill.


But like before, many people in the community are still against the decision. An individual has created a thread on Reddit explaining why the decision will backfire. You can read the complete thread here.

Article by Jean Leon

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