Google Nest Camera & Doorbell lack ability to turn off notifications for family members or familiar faces; users want it added

If you are into smart homes, chances are pretty high you already have heard of Nest. Last year, the company it’s product lineup and introduced the Google Nest Cam Battery and Nest Doorbell Battery.

Thanks to seamless Google Assistant integration, Nest devices are used by millions worldwide. Unfortunately, the Nest Camera and Doorbell have their fair share of bugs and issues, such as users getting delayed notifications.

Google Nest Cam battery

Others say that their devices started going offline in cold weather, which shouldn’t happen since Nest Doorbell and Camera are capable of operating in temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius.

That being said, Google Nest Doorbell and Camera have features that allow them to identify family members and familiar faces, which is really handy if you want to keep a tab on who visits your home while you are not there.

Google notifies users whenever a family member or a familiar face enters their home. While it might sound like a pretty useful feature, many say that it is annoying them since they get multiple notifications in a short span of time.

As it turns out, there is no way to turn off these notifications on the Google Nest Doorbell and Camera. Moreover, the devices also lack the ability to mute these alerts.


Cameras allow you to select between notifications for people, any other movement and/or sounds. Considering Nest has familiar face functionality I’d appreciate more granular options with people notifications. At the very least it would be the ability to switch off notifications if the camera sees a family member, but could extend to on/off notifications for each familiar face. Essentially, I very much want to receive a notification if a randomer is creeping up my garden in the dead of night; I would also rather not receive 14 notifications as my wife walks in and out of the house while gardening.

I’m really surprised that Google hasn’t provided this feature. We have a Nest Hello and four indoor cameras. We simply want notifications for unfamiliar faces (e.g. a burglar) but not for familiar faces. It’s quite ridiculous that every time I walk into my front door or kitchen, my phone dings with a push notification. It also makes it meaningless for security because I get so many notifications I’d just assume it was me or my wife in front of a camera.

If you want to cut down on some notifications, you can use the AutoNotification app to block some notifications from the app.

click Notification Blocking, click the +, select Nest, then use either the title or text to filter on what you want to block. for the Hello, if you have familiar faces set up, the format of the title is [Person’s name] • [Camera name], so I just filter on my name and it hides the notifications from Nest that contain my name in the title.

Alternatively, you can set quiet hours which will block all notifications, or choose to only send notifications when no one is at home.

We hope Google listens to its users and adds the ability to turn off notifications for family members and familiar faces for Google Nest Camera and Doorbell. If they do, we will let you know so stay tuned for updates.

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