In 2019, Google decided to completely embrace Nest and integrated the company into their Home division. A few months ago, Google updated the Nest lineup and launched Nest Cam Battery and Nest Doorbell Battery.

While the upgrades were appreciated by many, users have reported several technical issues such as the recent issue where Nest Cam and Doorbell owners were getting ‘can’t connect to assisting device’ error during setup.

Google Nest Cam battery

As it turns out, Google Nest Cam Battery and Doorbell Battery users are now expressing their concern over the product’s performance in cold weather.

While Google says Nest Doorbell can operate in temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius or -4 degrees Fahrenheit, it looks like some devices are going offline or not working properly due to extreme temperatures.

For others, the battery on the Nest Doorbell is draining in just a few days. Some also say that even though the devices say ‘plugged in’, the battery still drains.

This is really weird since Google claims the battery will last somewhere between 45 days to seven months. It is a really serious issue since many said they bought the device to keep tabs on their home.


I got a Nest Doorbell (Battery) at the start of November. The battery got so low over only 12 days that it lost video. I was told to do a Factory Reset. I did that, and the battery dropped to 85% in 2 days. Does anyone else have a Nest Doorbell (Battery) in Canada? It’s not even super cold yet (-2 C, maybe) and I’m being told to send my Doorbell back in exchange for a new one because they think it’s defective. What do you think?

Another user shared their experience with the Nest Cam Battery in sub-zero temperature.

Does anybody have experience with cold weather charging/plugging in the Nestcam (Battery)? Here’s my experience:
Have a Nest Camera (battery) outdoors plugged in. This weekend started getting chilly (-7 degrees Celsius, 20 degrees Fahrenheit) and the camera goes offline. Initially I think this is a networking/WIFI connectivity issue. Try resetting the access point with no help. Finally go outside and pull the camera down, bring it indoors and try to reset it with the button on the back. No help. Go outside and grab the cable and adapter as well. Plug it into the camera and outlet. Long and behold, the camera comes to life but the battery shows 0% despite it being plugged in outside the entire day.

Many are now wondering if Google tested the Nest Cam Battery and Nest Doorbell in cold weather before launching them.

Unfortunately, since Google is yet to comment on the matter, it is still unclear what is causing the Nest Cam Battery and Nest Doorbell Battery to go offline. Nonetheless, we will be keeping an active track of developments on this one and update this article as and when required so make sure you stay tuned.

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