macOS 12 Monterey workspace switching animation lag with ProMotion enabled troubling some Mac owners

MacOS 12 Monterey update has been available for several weeks. Since then, users have been spotting some issues that require fixes through updates.

One of the issues reported by users is related to the performance. Apparently, there is lag during certain situations.

More concretely, according to multiple reports, there is noticeable lag in the workspace switching animation when ‘ProMotion’ is on.

Enable ProMotion on macOS 12 Monterey causes workspace switching animation lag for some

It appears that ProMotion is not working as should for some users. Multiple reports indicate that there are sections of the system where there is a noticeable lag when executing certain actions.

Apparently, if you have the ProMotion feature enabled, there is lag in the animation or transition that occurs while doing workspace switching.

Why is nobody talking about ProMotion being absolutely broken right now?

Seriously, everybody praises their new MacBooks for having a great keyboard, MagSafe and so on. It’s great, don’t get me wrong; but using macOS Monterey feels terrible right now. It is just so flipping buggy / weird.

Has anyone else noticed that the transition between Spaces is very slow on macOS when using a high refresh rate screen?

I mean the animation itself is smooth, but that last bit of the animation where the Space you’re switching to “slows down” to a stop takes so long, and you can’t start interacting with it until it completely finishes.

I’ve always experienced this when plugging in my previous MacBook to my 100Hz monitor. When using a 60Hz refresh rate, the transitions finish a lot quicker.

The issue has been around since October

It should be noted that this problem is not exactly new. There are related reports that were published at least two months ago, such as the following:

Yes I have noticed this too on my new 16″ MBP and it is really annoying because the last 10% of the animation is so much slower than on my old MBP!

I’ve swiped over to safari to quickly open/close tabs using the keyboard shortcuts, only to find that it has closed the active app on the previous space. Very bad UX and I hope there’s a fix soon.

Edit: I just tried changing the built in display to 60hz and the animation is way faster like I remembered. I hope they speed up the ProMotion animation to match.

The previous reports also agree that setting a standard 60Hz refresh rate for displays makes animations lag-free. So, the problem seems to be related to ProMotion.

And, more recent reports indicate that the situation continues. Also, there is no fix in sight.


At the moment, there is no official statement from Apple in this regard. If there is any new development in this regard, we will update this article to keep you informed.

Finally, you can check the issues/bug tracker dedicated to MacOS 12 to be aware of everything.

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