[Updated: Dec. 14] Battlefield 2042 keyboard & mouse input glitched for some players; greyed out loadout issue also troubles others

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Original story (published on November 18, 2021) follows:

Battlefield 2042 is currently in the Early Access stage. Players have been discovering some points to improve before it is available to everyone in the next few days.

Bugs found by Battlefield 2042 players include a glitched input response for the keyboard and mouse. Also, the loadout is greyed out at the start of matches for some.

Battlefield 2042 keyboard and mouse input glitched

The game’s response to keyboard and mouse commands would present issues for some players. According to the reports, all input is lost when starting a match.

The input response would go away and come back every few minutes, seriously affecting the gameplay.

Summarize your bug: When I join a game I lose all my input. Keyboard presses does nothing neither does the mouse. I could run for a bit then I changed some graphical settings and then it was gone again. Waited for a bit and it came back, then gone in another minute again.

The greyed out loadout issue

Another issue reported by Battlefield 2042 players is greyed out loadout. The loadout is the section from where you change your character’s weapons and equipment at the beginning of a match.

But, for some players, the loadout options are inaccessible. Therefore, they are forced to use the standard weapons throughout the match (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

When a match starts my specialist,weapon, sidearm menu at the bottom of the screen at the deployment will be completely grayed out. This causes me to use the m5a3 by default for the whole match and I won’t be able to change entire loadout for the rest of the round. Same thing as for vehicles when this happens. Even if I change anything it will revert back to the default. Also my vehicle loadout and specialist skin will revert to default almost after every match causing to change everything again.

A workaround for the greyed out loadout issue on Battlefield 2042

There is a workaround that reportedly can help those who suffer from this problem:

1. pick your operator
2. hit start on xbox
3. tab over to collections
4. go to load outs and create new load out and make your class

this should help you out for the current game you are in.

However you are gonna have that new load out in your load out menu so just rename it after the game.

it only remains to wait and see if EA can resolve the reported bugs before Battlefield 2042 is available for everyone on November 19.

If there is any new development in this matter in the coming days, we will update this article. So, stay tuned with us.

Update 1 (December 14)

04:32 pm (IST): The greyed-out loadout issue of Battlefield was allegedly fixed a while back. However, new reports for the same are still coming in.

Users say that their load-outs are not working or getting reset while playing. Moreover, this issue is yet to be acknowledged by EA and we will update you as and when anything new arrives on this matter.

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