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The Google Home app available on Android and iOS is the hub for all smart devices such as plugs, lights, speakers, and others that are Google Assistant compatible.

This app provides a seamless experience to manage and monitor all your smart devices at home in one place. Even non-Google or Nest devices can end up showing here once you’ve linked them with your Google account.

In short, even if your third-party smart device has a dedicated app, as long as it has Google Assistant, its very much likely you can add that in the Google Home app. But, the downside would be that Home app won’t provide native features.

Google Home app not showing correct device names
Basic layout of Google Home app

For instance, a smart plug’s original app may have support for scheduling it ON & OFF or setting a timer for how long it should be turned ON.

You won’t find this functionality in the Home app, which is where Google Assistant comes into play. Just provide it with commands and you’re sorted.

Like any other app, there can be times when the Home app doesn’t perform as intended. Such is the case with the iOS Google Home app where it displays incorrect router/access point names for Wi-Fi devices.

It would end up showing the product’s name such as ‘Google Nest Wifi’ and not the name which was manually entered during the setup of the device and the Home app itself.

Google Home app on iOS showing incorrect names under Wifi section

It may seem minor that the Google Home app shows incorrect names for Wi-Fi devices, but in case someone has various units of the same devices set up in their house, displaying the generic name and not their specified names can be frustrating.

This may create a problem in identifying which device you’re actually changing settings on, turning ON & OFF, or making changes to it until you manually check and figure it out.

Fix for issue where Google Home app shows incorrect names incoming

To give a slight relief, the issue is very well known to the engineers over at Google and a fix for the same will roll out in the upcoming days or so.

Google Home app showing incorrect name on iOS fix incoming

The most recent follow up to the thread made by the Google official stated that:

For those still monitoring this situation, we’re still working on things. I would expect to hear more soon and I’ll pass along anything that I learn. Thanks for being patient.


This clearly shows that Google is dedicated to fixing the known issue on the iOS Home app and wants affected users to keep calm while devs work on it.

We’ll be continuously keeping an eye on the issue and will be updating the story in case of any progress, so make sure to check back again.

Update (August 4)

12:12 pm (IST):While this issue has since been officially acknowledged and a fix is reportedly in the works, now a community specialist has come out to ask affected users to go through this troubleshooting procedure.

A workaround that kinda works has also been submitted by one of the affected persons. The person notes that:

Generally the complete power down and reboot of router and points fixes the problem however given that I have the nest router, a nest access point and 3 of the older goggle network pods being used as access points it’s very inconvenient, also this problem only started in the last 3 months, if there are any logs I can provide to help resolve the problem please let me know.

Update (December 02)

10:57 am (IST): Some good news for users who were facing this issue as now, reports have it that the Google Home app on iOS now shows which point your device is connected to.

nest connected point

After years of waiting, Google has finally come to their senses by updating the Google Home app iOS version to support showing which point that your device is connected to. I can finally delete the original Google Wifi app on my iPhone.

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