[Updated: Nov. 26] Oppo Android 12 (ColorOS 12) update tracker: List of supported or eligible devices, release date and more

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Original story (from March 28, 2021) follows:

Brands under the BBK Electronics umbrella such as Oppo have stepped up their software update games this year by trying to pump Android 11 to eligible devices quicker than their usual timelines with previous OS updates.

Oppo has already rolled out the new Android version to a bunch of smartphones as a stable update and the same can be said for Vivo. Although, OnePlus appears to be struggling for some reason.

That said, Android 11 is no longer the new kid on the block. This title now belongs to Android 12, although it’s still in its early stages.


Here, we’ll be tracking all developments related to Android 12 or ColorOS 12 from Oppo, so you might want to bookmark this page for good measure.

Oppo Android 12 (ColorOS 12) expected release date

Oppo was one of the first OEMs to release the Android 11 beta to its flagships. Therefore, if the OEM takes the same route with Android 12, we can expect to see it release the beta shortly after Google opens up the public testing for the Pixel lineup.

According to Google’s timeline for Android 12, the beta will go live around May. We expect to see Oppo partake in the beta program as well and release the update to its flagships a couple of weeks after Google.

Android 12 release schedule

Oppo might release the Android 12 beta for the Find X3 and Find X3 Pro if past trends are to be taken into account.

Once Google rolls out the stable Android 12 update, which is expected towards the end of August or early September, the Oppo Find X3 duo should also get the ColorOS 12 stable update in the following weeks.

After that, we can expect Oppo to kick-start its own ColorOS 12 beta program with devices such as the successor to the Reno5 series, likely the Reno6 series, being some of the first models to bag the update.

List of eligible devices

Oppo does not have any software update plans set in stone. This makes it a bit tricky to figure out which models will be eligible for the update to ColorOS 12 based on Android 12.

Nevertheless, as we’ve been keeping tabs on all software updates from Oppo for sometime now, it’s clear that the OEM usually seeds at least two major OS updates for most models.

Oppo Reno5 Pro

This is true for its flagships down to some of the more affordable options from the company such as the devices from the ‘K’ series.

So taking this into account, we’ve churned out a list of smartphones from Oppo that might be eligible for the update to Android 12 that should bring the ColorOS 12 skin. Check it out below:

– Oppo Find X3 Pro
– Oppo Find X3
– Oppo Find X3 Neo
– Oppo Find X3 Lite
– Oppo Find X2

– Oppo Find X2 Neo
– Oppo Find X2 Lite
– Oppo Find X2 Pro
– Oppo F19 Pro+ 5G
– Oppo F19 Pro

– Oppo F19
– Oppo Reno5 5G
– Oppo Reno5 4G
– Oppo Reno5 Pro+ 5G
– Oppo Reno5 Pro

– Oppo Reno5 Lite
– Oppo Reno5 F
– Oppo Reno3 Pro
– Oppo Reno3
– Oppo Reno3 Pro 5G

– Oppo Reno3 5G
– Oppo Reno3 Youth
– Oppo Reno4 5G
– Oppo Reno4 Lite
– Oppo Reno4 Pro

– Oppo Reno4 F
– Oppo Reno4 Z 5G
– Oppo A9 (2020)
– Oppo A92s
– Oppo A94

– Oppo A72
– Oppo A15
– Oppo A15s
– Oppo A53
– Oppo A93

– Oppo A72 5G
– Oppo F17 Pro
– Oppo F17
– Oppo A55 5G
– Oppo K7 5G

– Oppo K7x
– Oppo Reno R

To avoid any confusion, this list of eligible devices is not official by any means. Oppo may reveal a list of devices eligible for Android 12 at some point in the future, however, there’s no guarantee.

Hence, it’s possible that a device mentioned here might not get Android 12 and it’s also possible that a device which hasn’t been listed here may get the update.

Whatever the case, we’ll be updating this tracker regularly with all the latest developments related to ColorOS 12 or Android 12 for Oppo smartphones.

Update 1 (May 19, 2021)

IST: 11:46 pm: Google announced the commencement of the Android 12 Developer Preview Program and OPPO Find X3 Pro is among the few devices that will take part in this program. Android 12 developer preview 1 is available for the Find X3 Pro and you can learn more about that here. Important to note is that the Oppo Reno series is not supported.

Update 2 (June 26, 2021)

IST: 03:03 pm: A reliable leakster on Weibo revealed today that ColorOS 12 update based on Android 12 has allegedly hit the internal testing stage. Details here.

Update 3 (July 03, 2021)

IST: 04:28 pm: According to a recent report from Weibo, the upcoming ColorOS 12 update based on Android 12 will bring along major changes. Check out the complete coverage by heading here.

Update 4 (August 02, 2021)

IST: 03:07 pm: Several sources have been sharing an alleged screenshot of an Android 12-based ColorOS 12 update for the Oppo Find X2 Pro. However, one look at the translation of its changelog reveals that the image is fake.


Update 5 (August 05, 2021)

IST: 03:07 pm: New reports now indicate that Oppo might be working to bring a feature akin to Huawei’s Multiscreen collaboration feature to its upcoming Android 12-based ColorOS 12. More on that here.

Update 6 (August 27, 2021)

IST: 10:37 am: New reports from a Weibo blogger indicate that Oppo might have inadvertently leaked the release date for its Android 12-based COlorOS 12.
According to the blogger, he found ColorOS 12 release date and time through OPPO’s smart assistant Breeno App, which shows ColorOS 12 will be released on September 13 at 3 pm.

coloros12 release date leak

While this has since been fixed by Oppo, it gives us an idea of how the Chinese OEM plans to handle its deployment of Android 12.

Update 7 (September 06, 2021)

IST: 06:37 pm: Oppo has now officially teased the ColorOS 12 update by uploading a teaser image on Weibo. The picture shows the ColorOS Clock icon showing 12 o’clock. The post says that the company will share more information tomorrow.


Update 7 (September 07, 2021)

IST: 12:32 pm: Ahead of the official rollout of Android 12-based ColorOS 12 based on Android 12, users can now download and have a taste of the ColorOS 12 wallpapers. You can download these here.

Update 8 (September 08, 2021)

IST: 12:15 pm: As per a recent report from the Chinese Oppo Community, the OEM is expected to unveil the ColorOS 12 update based on Android 12 in mid to late September.


Update 9 (September 13, 2021)

IST: 10:53 am: New reports now indicate that we could see Oppo officially unveiling its Android 12-based ColorOS 12 on September 16. More on that expected conference here.

Update 10 (September 14, 2021)

IST: 10:15 am: A video teaser of Android 12-based ColorOS 12 indicates that Oppo might release an Avatar emoji feature dubbed Omoji. This is set to be similar to iOS’ Memoji feature.

Update 11 (September 15, 2021)

IST: 07:15 pm: According to the official ColorOS Weibo account, OPPO has opened registrations for ColorOS 12 Early Access program in China. Anyone with an OPPO Find X3 Pro can enroll in the program.

Update 12 (September 16, 2021)

IST: 05:10 pm: Oppo has finally taken the wraps off its upcoming skin based on Android 12 called ColorOS 12. The new skin brings a bunch of UI enhancements and under-the-hood performance upgrades.

You can watch the promotional video here. That said, the company has also revealed the pubic beta roadmap for its new skin. Check it out below:

Update 13 (September 27, 2021)

IST: 12:49 pm: Oppo has announced that it will be holding its Developer Conference (ODC) on October 27 where the company is expected to share more details about ColorOS 12 and what it brings to the table.

Update 14 (October 2, 2021)

IST: 06:30 pm: Oppo said that they have begun testing ColorOS 12 internally. The first models to receive the update include OPPO Find X3 Pro and OnePlus 9/9 Pro.

The developers also said that testers should expect some bugs and issues since it is a test build.

Update 15 (October 4, 2021)

IST: 11:03 am: New reports now have it that Android 12-based ColorOS 12 limited recruitment is now open in China. In this program, Oppo and OnePlus users can sign up to take part.

Eligible devices include the Oppo Find 3 Pro, Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration, Find X3, OnePlus 9 Pro 5G, and OnePlus 9 5G.

oppo oneplus beta recruitment coloros 12

IST: 05:17 pm: Oppo has set the date for the ColorOS 12 global launch event on October 11. The online launch event is scheduled for 2:30 pm (IST) on the aforementioned date.

Update 16 (October 05)

IST 10:32 am: In the official announcement of the release of Android 12 AOSP, Google says that devices from Oppo and other OEMs should start getting the Android 12 update later this year.

IST 11:41 am: New reports now indicate that the Android 12-based ColorOS 12 Public Beta update is now available for users of the Find X3 series of devices.

coloros 12 public beta

Update 17(October 08)

IST 11:32 am: Oppo is doubling down its Android 12 efforts and now, users of the Oppo Find X3 Pro in Malaysia and Indonesia can take part in the ColorOS 12 Beta program.

find x3 pro android 12 beta
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Update 18 (October 11)

IST 03:08 pm: Oppo’s ColorOS 12 global launch event end a few minutes ago and the company has dropped the rollout timeline for the beta of the new Android 12-based skin.

Click/tap to enlarge image

While the beta testing is already ongoing for the Oppo Find X3 Pro 5G, last year’s X2 Pro and X2 along with the Reno 6 Pro 5G, and Reno 6 5G will bag the beta update next month. Other devices will follow suit in the coming months.

Update 19 (October 18)

IST 11:08 am: Oppo is opening up its recruitment program for users of the Oppo Reno 6 who would like to take part in the Android 12-based ColorOS 12 closed beta program, starting with China.

IST 1:12 pm: Android 12-based ColorOS 12 Open Beta 2 is now rolling out to users of the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro.

Update 20 (November 08)

IST 11:32 am: Oppo has just announced its November 2021 Roll-out Plan for ColorOS 12 based on Android 12. Below is how the OEM plans to roll out its Android 12 skin.

Update 21 (November 09)

IST 03:23 pm: Oppo has begun recruiting interested users to beta test Android 12 with ColorOS 12 on the Find X2, Find X2 League of Legends S10 Limited Edition, Find X2 Pro, and Find X2 Pro Lamborghini Edition in China.

Update 22 (November 12)

IST 11:35 am: Oppo is once again reportedly calling on users of the OPPO Find X3 and OnePlus 9 series in a recruitment program for Android 12-based ColorOS 12 Beta.

Update 23 (November 15)

IST 05:30 pm: Oppo has opened up the ColorOS 12 beta program for Find X2, Find X2 Pro, and Find X2 Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition smartphone users in India and Indonesia.

Update 24 (November 19)

IST 05:18 pm: Reno 6 Pro 5G users — even ones with the Diwali edition — can rejoice since the company is now seeding the ColorOS 12 beta update to users in India.

Update 25 (November 23)

IST 11:54 am: Oppo is reportedly ready to roll out Android 12-based ColorOS 12 to users of the Oppo Find X3 Pro. The Official Version is released now in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia with others set to follow soon.

Update 26 (November 24)

IST 10:14 am: Oppo has just announced the beginning of the Android 12- based ColorOS 12 for the Oppo Reno6 Pro 5G. This will start with users in 𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐚 and 𝐒𝐚𝐮𝐝𝐢 𝐀𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐢𝐚 with more set to follow soon.

Update 27 (November 25)

IST 11:11 am: A day after we saw some Android 12 beta action for the Reno 6 Pro, today Oppo has announced a similar Beta program for the Reno6 5G, this time starting in India.

The company adds that the update will be released within 3 days after users’ application is approved.

Update 28 (November 26)

IST 10:51 am: New reports now have it that Oppo is rolling out the stable version of Android 12-based ColorOS 12 to the Chinese users of the Oppo Find X3 and Find X3 Pro.

NOTE: This table is being updated regularly.

Device BETA STABLE Notes
Find X3 Released
Find X3 Pro Released (Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia)
Reno6 Pro 5G Released (𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐚, 𝐒𝐚𝐮𝐝𝐢 𝐀𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐢𝐚)
Reno6 5G Released (India)

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