League of Legends is undoubtedly the largest name in the e-sports industry. With over 115 million active monthly players, it is the most popular video game of all time.

Released in 2007, the game now features more than 140 playable characters known as champions. To keep things interesting, the 5v5 PvP title often receives several content updates in the form of new champions, events, and cosmetic skins.


The frequent updates, combined with the online-only nature of the game sometimes cause some problems that affect the players such as the recent missing Essence Emporium issue.

With that being said, players do get toxic sometimes and trash talk in-game. To combat this, Riot introduced an Honor system that rewards players for positive behavior. At the end of every game, players have the option to Honor others amongst three categories.

However, some League of Legends players are now saying that Honors are not showing up (1,2,3,4,5) for them after the game. This is really disheartening for players who wanted to level up Honor.


Pretty much the title. For the past two weeks I have not seen honors being displayed anymore in the post game lobby. A lot of the times, I hear the sound of honors being assigned to me but I cannot see anything. Is it intentional? I can only see myself as being the most honorable when that happens, but if I receive less than 3 – nothing Is displayed, even though I can still hear the sounds. It is pretty frustrating:c

So I thought this was a new feature, but turns out it is not. I was playing with some friends when they told me I was the most honored player in the team, but not even that showed up, not in the chat and not next to my name. Any idea on how to fix? I tried doing a full repair on the launcher, but I haven’t played since so i don’t know if that fixed it

Players said that they did in fact hear the Honors sound but does not show the Honors. At first, some thought that it was an issue with their League of Legends client so they tried repairing the game but to no avail.

It is interesting to note that the same issue surfaced last year as well, but Riot had fixed it after some time after. Fortunately, Riot has commented on the League of Legends missing Honors issue and clarified that it is indeed a visual bug.


However, the developers did not share any ETA on when it will be fixed. If and when Riot Games releases a patch that fixes the League of Legends Honors bug, we will update this article so make sure you stay tuned for updates.

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