Roblox Health Core UI broken for players where some can't see their health bar

Roblox is one of the most popular storefronts where publishers create and publish their games. The company advertises itself as an ‘Imagination Platform’ with millions of daily active users.

Similar to Minecraft, Roblox also features several games in multiple genres. It is programmed using the popular language Lua. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a significant boost to the Roblox userbase since many parts of the world were under lockdown.


Due to the online-only nature of the platform, players often report some issues such as the recent glitch that was preventing players from logging in with extensions broken for some.

With that being said, it looks like some Roblox players are facing another glitch in-game. According to recent reports, it looks like the Health Core UI is broken for many and causing confusion since the health bar is not showing up.

Users say they tried touching a kill brick but the health bar did not register any loss in HP. Some say that they are experiencing the bug even after the health GUI is disabled.


I recently released my new game and on day two of release i’ve been getting reports that players cant see their health bar or roblox’s default damage indicator overlay, this only happens to some players. The only time I tamper with the core ui is when the player is in a cinematic but once the cinematic is complete the core ui enables, the odd thing about this problem is that every part of the core ui appears except health yet all of it should show, what is even stranger is that this glitch only happens with some players. Is this an engine bug?

Can confirm, this bug has appeared like 3 times so far in the last 2~ months, and it has appeared long enough now to cause issues in my game since it started 24 hours ago (assumed it would be fixed by now).

This is really frustrating if you are playing fighting games because the Health bar is not updated with correct information. With Roblox yet to acknowledge the issue, it is still unknown how long it will take before a fix is out.

In the meantime, Roblox has allegedly helped fix the issue for some.

UPDATE UPDATE. Roblox support helped me fixed the issue, this was what their solution was.
Hello Ryan, Thank you for your patience. We recommend you to please ensure that all Roblox files in the AppData directory are removed. To do this:
Uninstall Roblox from your computer
Open the Command Prompt. In Windows 10 you can open it by Start > All apps > Windows System > Command Prompt.
Type in the following commands:
cd AppData\Local (then press enter)
rmdir /s Roblox (then press enter)
Enter “y” when asked to answer (then press enter)
Restart your computer
Reinstall Roblox

Apart from this, users can always add a custom health GUI till Roblox fixes the glitch. Having said that, we will keep an eye out on the issue and update this space when Roblox fixes the Health Core UI issue.

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