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Original story (published on June 29, 2021) follows:

Samsung might not go ahead with its One UI .5 build this year. As reported earlier, the OEM might have ditched the much awaited One UI 3.5 update in favor of One UI 4.0 (Android 12).

However, the upcoming foldable series devices, which were expected to sport One UI 3.5, might bring along an incremental update which is being dubbed as One UI 3.1.1.


According to a leak by Jon Prosser, customers might start getting the Galaxy Z Fold 3 from August 27.

While it is not yet clear what One UI 3.1.1 will bring along, it is possible that it might offer some handy features and improvements.

Among them, the Split UI feature as the said foldable devices are now expected to sport the One UI 3.1.1 update.


Moreover, there are chances that the said incremental update might arrive sooner than expected i.e., before the upcoming foldable devices come out.

This is because Samsung has started rolling out an update for the Nice Catch Good Lock module. The said module update brings along a new feature which would support Media volume muted history on One UI 3.1.1.

This further makes it clear that One UI 3.1.1 is indeed coming to eligible devices and it might even be around the corner.


However, all this is still based on speculation since the OEM has not made any comments on the matter so far.

Furthermore, there are no comments on the much anticipated One UI 3.5 update from Samsung so whether or not it is going to come out remains a mystery at this point.

All in all, it is unclear what the next incremental update will offer or if it will indeed start rolling out before the release of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3.


That said, we will keep tracking this for further development and will report back when more details become available.

Update 1 (July 09)

IST 06:25 pm: Recent reports indicate that Samsung might unveil the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 on August 11. The said devices are expected to sport the One UI 3.1.1 skin with not too many changes, however, all this is based on speculation until the launch event.

Update 2 (July 21)

IST 05:35 pm: According to a recent report, the official invitation for the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event has leaked online but there is no mention of the One UI 3.1.1 update. It is possible that the said update might be just an incremental one.

Update 3 (July 27)

IST 10:40 am: As per a recent report, Samsung Galaxy S21 might start getting the update to One UI 3.1.1 by the end of August after getting the security update for the same month.

Update 4 (July 28)

IST 12:12 pm: It looks like some of the features that will be coming to the Samsung One UI 3.1.1 Good Lock have surfaced on the internet.

NavStar, a module loved by many, will add a Samsung DeX inspired task switcher. Known as Task Stack, it will shift all the navigation buttons on the bottom right of the screen.

The left bottom part of the screen will be filled with icons of currently opened apps. While it may not be visually appealing right now, we hope things change for the better before the final version comes out.

Another feature is the Theme Park. Samsung Good Lock users will be able to customize icons extensively. You can tint all icons to match the color of your wallpaper. Theme Park is currently available for use if you want to take a glimpse of what will be coming.

Update 5 (July 29)

IST 12:12 pm: New developments indicate that Samsung may have started testing the One UI 3.1.1 update for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 already. A user shared a screenshot of the CheckFirm app where it’s clear that a new One UI update is being tested internally.


Update 6 (August 06)

IST 11:00 am: New reports now suggest that the Samsung Galaxy A50 will get updated to One UI 3.1.1. However, seeing as this is derived from a chat with Samsung Support, it might not amount to anything if these guys’ track record is anything to go by.

A50 one ui 3.1.1

Many thanks to Matthew Reiter for the tip.

Update 7 (August 21)

IST 11:35 am: As per recent reports from the Samsung community, it is possible that the One UI 3.1.1 update might not arrive for other Samsung devices. However, the improvements offered by One UI 3.1.1 may be reach eligible devices with One UI 3.1 itself.

Update 8 (August 26)

IST 06:30 pm: As per a recent report from Tizen Help, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series devices are now getting a new update with One UI 3.1.1 features including new bedtime mode, new weather app, accidental touch protection, and more.


Update 9 (August 30)

IST 11:18 am: New reports now indicate that like the Samsung Galaxy S21 mentioned in the entry above, the Galaxy S10, S20, Note 10 and Note 20 are also receiving the August patch that brings with it One UI 3.1.1 features.


Update 10 (August 31)

IST 10:12 am: Samsung is reportedly rolling out a lowkey update to One UI 3.1.1 to the Galaxy A52 5G.

a52 5g One UI 3.1.1

Like the updates we’ve highlighted in the last two entries, this too is not labeled and the only real indicator that it’s a slightly newer version of One UI is the new Bedtime mode toggle in the notification shade.

Update 11 (September 01)

IST 11:12 am: Samsung announced that it has begun rolling out the One UI 3.1.1 update for its older foldable flagships including the original Galaxy Fold which will get the update a bit later than the Z Fold 2, Z Flip 5G, and the Z Flip which have begun receiving the update.

Update 12 (September 07)

IST 10:40 am: Well finally, users of the first Samsung Galaxy Fold have something to get excited about as the Korean OEM is reportedly rolling out the One UI 3.1.1 update to their units. More on that here.

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Update 13 (September 10)

IST 12:15 pm: New reports allegedly gotten from Support indicate that the Galaxy A50 will get updated to One UI 3.1.1. Others indicate that Samsung could be testing One UI 3.1.1 for the A50 on the INS variant.

checkfirm a50 one ui 3.1.1

Support guys aren’t always accurate with the info they disseminate so we’d advise you to take this with a pinch of salt.

Update 14 (September 13)

IST 10:15 am: A tipster, Matthew Reiter has gotten in touch with Sprint Support, and in an excerpt of the alleged conversation, Support says that One UI 3.1.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy A50 will be released soon.


This is somewhat misleading seeing as Samsung already confirmed that the One UI 3.1.1 update is set to only go out to its foldable devices.

Update 15 (September 14)

IST 11:54 am: New reports now suggest that One UI 3.1.1 for the Galaxy A50 is set to go out to users in the US sometime next week. How true these claims are remain to be seen.

A50 US One UI 3.1.1 update claim

Many thanks to one MatthewReiter05 for the tip.

Update 16 (September 20)

IST 12:54 pm: After the foldable devices, Samsung is reportedly rolling out One UI 3.1.1 to users of the Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G. This build brings with it the September security patch.

tab s7 plus 5G one ui 3.1.1 update

Update 17 (September 23)

IST 12:32 pm: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is getting an update to One UI 3.1.1 in India. Changelog and release notes here.

• Improved multitasking usability.
– Added a three-split view function on the multi-window.
– Added a switching function between pop-up view and split-screen view by long-pressing.
– Added a function to open a split-screen by dragging the screen.
• Improved Edge panel usability.
– Added a Pin feature to pin apps to the Edge panel.
– Changed the background screen so that it is not blurry when the Edge panel is on.
• Supports Labs feature.
• Added a function to remaster desired photos.

Update 18 (October 08)

IST 11:11 am: As more and more devices continue to get One UI 3.1.1 feature updates, it is now coming to light that a few more devices are joining this list.

This, as the Galaxy Tab Active 3, the Quantum 2, and the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite are all getting One UI 3.1.1 features. More here.

Update 19 (November 20)

IST 10:20 am: Samsung teases the One UI 3.1.1 for Infinity Flex display used in large display foldable phones and tablet. This One UI version lets you customize the aspect ratio of any app for an immersive experience.

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