Released in 2017, Fortnite is one of the biggest battle royale games out there. What distinguishes it from other titles in the genre is that the game requires players to build fortifications in addition to shooting.

It has received the Game Critics Awards 2018 for Best Ongoing Game amongst several others in the years 2018 and 2019. Unsurprisingly, the game has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon and still remains one of the most-watched video games on Twitch.


That being said, Epic Games frequently updates the game with several new bugs and glitches. Some of the recent issues players reported include matchmaking issues when playing in split-screen mode and the ‘Smash Attack’ fall damage with Sideway Scythe.

Now, many are reporting that Fortnite has several stability issues on the Nintendo Switch. Some complained that their teammates were not loading when playing with friends.

First couple of days that I bought the battle pass for Nintendo switch all three (duo, squads, trios). showed the teammates in the top left corner with names etc. Now when I try no names appear including my own. My game is set to fill. Only time it will work is if I join a friends party and then he will show up on duo with his name and mine. My sons profile on the switch works fine and both of ours worked the first couple of days, so not sure the issue. His still is showing names like normal

Thankfully, Fortnite developers have finally acknowledged the stability issues on the Nintendo Switch when players log in or return to the lobby. However, there is no ETA on when a fix will be released.

We’re aware of a stability issue on Nintendo Switch when logging in or returning to the Lobby. We’ll provide an update when this is resolved.

But that’s not the only bug players are currently facing. Many say that Fortnite is unable to track progress when it comes to some challenges on the Battle Pass challenges.

It is really frustrating for both new and experienced since some players thought that the challenges won’t go anywhere and was causing a lot of confusion amongst players because the challenges disappeared without any warning.


I need to outlast 20k. I returned this season and cannot figure out how many more I need. Before I use to play almost exclusively TR, so progress was fairly slow. But been doing a lot of solos so just curious when I can unlock gold ice king.

hey gamers, yknow how when you finish a game, it shows you progress on your quests? like distance traveled, kills, etc? well, i still have one style option left to unlock for the ice king, and i havent been seeing any reports of my progress. this normal? or were they gutted?

I haven’t completed my ice king challenges from c1s7 yet and I have no idea how to see the progress anymore

Fortunately, Epic Games acknowledged the Fortnite issue where players were unable to track Battle Pass challenges progress. They said that the missions will be auto-completed in a future update.

We’re aware of an issue where players are unable track progress on some Battle Pass style challenges that carried over from previous seasons such as Ice King or Hybrid. We’ll be auto-completing these in a future update.

If and when Fortnite developers fix the aforementioned issues, we will update this article to let you know.

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