Axie Infinity resets axies to level 1 after recent update? Here's what game devs suggest

Axie Infinity, the NFT game that has gained a lot of popularity in recent months, is giving its players headaches after its most recent update.

It seems that, after the update, some players reportedly saw how their Axies (the creatures that you train and fight against other players, like Pokémon) were reset to level 1.

Axie Infinity resets to level 1 the monsters of some players

As in other similar games, in Axie Infinity the player must form a team of monsters to compete in battles. All monsters (Axies) can be leveled up by gaining experience points in battles.

The higher the level of the Axie, the stronger. So, one of the players’ goals is to get valuable monsters to raise them to high levels. In this way, they will be better able to win battles in PvP.

Leveling up the Axies can take many hours, depending on how far the player wants to go. Therefore, finding your Axies suddenly reverting to level 1 can worry anyone.

Since getting the new update today all my axies are back to level 1. Has this happened to anyone else? I see in the patch notes it says this will happen when transferring, but I have not transferred. Is this a bug? I have been maxed level on my Axies for month so having to regrind up for no reason is ridiculous.

This is what has happened to some Axie Infinity players after the most recent update. Upon returning to the game, some (or all) of their monsters were reverted to level 1.


The developers are aware and offer a solution

This bug that worried many players has already reached the developers of Axie Infinity. Through an official statement, they revealed the process that those affected must follow to resolve the situation.

If your Axie level has been reset to level 1, please create a ticket by following this link, select “Request for support” and name your ticket “Axie Level Reset”. Please include these items: Their previous level, Axie’s IDs, Ronin’s address.

Some players who submitted the support ticket report that their Axies returned to their original level.

I put a ticket in yesterday as soon as it was announced on the discord and woke up this morning to my adventure team all back at level 25 roughly 24 hours for me.

Axie Infinity had another controversial situation recently

It seems that the only thing affected by the error was Axies’ levels. Other elements of the game (like MMR levels) remained intact.

It should be noted that, in recent days, Axie Infinity made a controversial decision related to MMR. Basically, those players with less than 800MMR will not receive tokens (SLP) for victories in battles.


This means that those players with an MMR below 800 will not be able to win real money from the game. If you want to know all the details about this, you can check the related article here.
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